Trump copy-pasted an emotional statement about the wrong shooting

Trump copy-pasted an emotional statement about the wrong shooting

It appears that Donald Trump has royally messed up once more. This week, during his return from his long trip in Asia, Trump tweeted an emotional and encouraging messages to the victims of...that major mass shooting that was a few weeks ago. The now-deleted tweet reads:

"May God be with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI and Law Enforcement has arrived."

The Sutherland Springs shooting was on November 5th, and the most recent major shooting was just yesterday, in Northern California. However, to Trump's credit, this is an absolutely insane number of mass shootings and nobody can keep them straight. I mean seriously, who can keep up? It's painful to admit, but before we've even figured out what's going on with one shooting, another occurs. At this point Americans are best off assuming that there was a new shooting at least twice a month, and that's terrible.

Pollster Matt McDermott tweeted:

"The President of the United States is tweeting at midnight about the wrong mass shooting and it's like the 500th most insane Trump story of the week."

Remember last month, when a nut in Mandalay Bay shot down over 600 people and we still have no motive as to why he did it? Yeah, that was reportedly one of the biggest mass shootings ever, and we literally still know nothing about why it happened. Since then, two more shootings have occurred, just this month, as well as the recent Manhattan terror attack. It's difficult to imagine how the victims of these tragedies must feel, seeing them constantly repeat every few weeks.

These news cycles are beyond mortal brains, and I'm not saying that as a silly little exaggeration. Literally, our meat brains can't keep up with this swirl of news. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that conscious apes can manage the cities they've created - we've just been lucky until now.

Trump has been visiting countries like China, where science fiction author Cixin Liu has become the nation's guiding light, and eager young readers ask him questions about science, politics and the future. China indeed seems more poised to capture this future than the US, which has been slipping into wage stagnation and cultural decline for decades. Who is our major science fiction writer right now? No one, it's all in the past.

Our glories, too, it seems, are locked away in the past.

One theory is that Trump simply copy-pasted the wrong message and tweeted it out, confusing two mass shootings. It's very dumb, but hey, these are dumb times, and there are more shootings than ever. It's not that outrageous to imagine.

Of course, Trump has recently been on an international trip all round Asia, including a visit with the President of the Philippines, the fascist Rodrigo Duterte, who has expressed his wishes to kill all drug users and once threw a man out of a helicopter, to his death. What a pair of guys, right?

What will become of this techno-abomination madcap President untethered tweeting digital heap of a society? I don't know. Does anybody? Of course not. Let's be mad at Trump while we can, because if he dies or leaves office and leaves us with no face to attach to this whole mess, we'll be even more lost than we are now.

A man is a feeble foe. An entire system is less feasible to resist.