Trump has now tweeted something which could end his presidency

Trump has now tweeted something which could end his presidency

Even before Donald Trump was voted into power as President of the USA, he was a pretty avid tweeter. The businessman and former The Apprentice host has never been one to shy away from conflict or conceal his viewpoints, and he very frequently used his social media platform in order to express his thoughts. But, while he was still just a member of the general public, there was not much of an issue with this.

Since he's become the leader of the free world, however, these habits of his have caused a number of problems.

Not only has he damaged international relations with North Korea by tweeting petty insults at Kim Jong Un, he's also alienated the LGBTQ community by trying to ban trans people from the military without consulting the proper channels, and publicly condemned the Muslim population by sharing tweets from a British hate group.

And, though he got into some hot water for all of those, none of his tweets have been quite as damaging as this one:

Obviously, we all know by now that Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about Russia links. However, before this point, Trump had claimed ignorance of Flynn's supposed dishonesty and had actively encouraged James Comey, the former head of the FBI, to drop the investigation into the matter.

With this most recent tweet, though, it appears that Trump knew Flynn was lying all along. "I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI," the President wrote, implying that he had attempted to obstruct an investigation into a member of his administration whom he knew to be guilty.

Walter Shaub, the former director of the US Office of Government Ethics, was appalled by the tweet, and considered it an admission of obstructing justice.

He then directly addressed the President, asking whether he knew about Flynn's lies before firing the head of the Department of Justice, Sally Yates.

Shaub then added that, during any other presidency, this would have spelled the end - and it still could.

Other people have responded to Trump's outrageous admission, calling him out for essentially confessing to a crime on Twitter.

Since the first tweet, Trump has not outrightly backtracked on his statement but is apparently doing his best to deflect the matter. First, he changed the subject to "Crooked Hillary", then he claimed that he never actually asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn, and that the whole report was "fake news".

Unfortunately for him, there's a great deal of evidence that Trump did call for the investigation to be ended.

So, along with Flynn's claim that he is willing to testify against Trump about involvement with the Russians, this tweet could spell the end for the President. Will calls for his impeachment getting louder every day, it seems that he may have to work much harder than he previously has done in order to win back favor with American people.