Trump releases MAGA Christmas themed hats and they are crazily expensive

Trump releases MAGA Christmas themed hats and they are crazily expensive

Donald Trump is known for many things; being the 45th President of the United states, staging a veritable thumb war via his social media platform of choice, Twitter, and of course, for his rather provocative line of merchandise. Certainly, MAGA hats have become synonymous with the man, and act as a rather handy identifier for those who have acquiesced to his brand of politics.

And now, with it beginning to look a lot like Christmas, it's only natural that Trump would release some festive merch. I mean, he did release Halloween themed caps just last month. But the Christmas variety are getting a lot of attention... for all the wrong reasons: they're exorbitantly priced. Yes, Donald Trump's Christmas MAGA hats are, for some reason, almost double the price of the non-festive kind.

Now, for such a steep price hike, you'd expect these Christmas caps to boast something exemplary, right? But no, this MAGA hat is incredibly similar to the now-infamous original. It's a red baseball cap, emblazoned with the words, (and Trump's trademark) "Make America Great Again".

But to make it all warm, fuzzy and festive, the former Apprentice star and billionaire property mogul has graciously added some colourful string lights to decorate his slogan, and stamped the words "Merry Christmas" on the back. How... Ceremonious?

Just take a gander:

So, these festive MAGA baseball caps cost an eye-watering $45. And that's certainly pretty steep considering that the original hats only cost $25. Now, you'd think that these caps would be lined with some fleece to help Trump supporters to survive the winter chill, but no, they're exactly the same cap, just with some added decoration and a hefty price increase.

You've got to give it to him, Donald Trump sure knows how to secure a sweet profit margin.

It sure seems like the Trump family love Christmas. I mean, Melania just unveiled the White House's Christmas decorations and it's evident that they go the whole hog for the festive season. The official theme this year was "Time Honoured Traditions", and the decorations are just about as classic as you can get.

Volunteers purportedly put up 18,000 lights in the White House, and their efforts shine through. Just take a look at these photos:

1. The Cross Hall 

2. The East Room 

3. The Nativity Scene 

4. Hallway 

5. The Red Room 

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