Time responds to Donald Trump's claims that he turned down 'Person of the Year'

Time responds to Donald Trump's claims that he turned down 'Person of the Year'

Over the years, Time has featured dozens of influential figures on their front cover as part of their annual 'Person of the Year' piece. Martin Luther King Jr., Pope Francis and Mark Zuckerberg all made the cut - as did most of the US presidents over the last century.

It was not much of a surprise, then, when Donald Trump made the cover last year shortly after he was elected into office. The decision to feature him drew in mixed responses, with some people happy to see their president-elect on one of the most prestigious magazines in the world, and others being slightly disappointed.

Now, with Time's announcement of their Person of the Year only weeks away, Trump took to Twitter in order to claim that he received a call from the publication to say that he was "probably" going to receive the title again this year. However, he supposedly turned down the invitation for a photo shoot and interview because he didn't want to waste his time without a guarantee that he definitely would get the title.

At first, there didn't seem to be any solid evidence to dispute Trump's completely unprovoked statement, as there have been people in the past who received the title more than once (Barack Obama, for example), so it was perfectly plausible that Trump could be one such individual.

However, the fact that Time has only once given the title to the same person two years in a row, and that the name of the person set to receive the award is never disclosed this early was suspicious. And, coupled with the reality that President Trump has a tendency to run his mouth about things which turn out to be completely unfounded - or even outright false - it appeared that the former reality star might have made the whole thing up.

It was hardly a surprise, then, that Time Magazine responded to the tweet, saying that Trump is "incorrect" about the selection process for the winner of the title.

And other Twitter users weren't too shocked by the news, either.

Richard Stengle, a former editor of the magazine, was a little more direct with his response to Trump's dubious tweet, saying that there's no way Trump is Person of the Year, and that the publication just wanted a photoshoot. The latter half of his shut-down also alludes to a fake Time cover with positive comments about the President that Trump had made up in order to display at his golf clubs.

Others, however, seemed to imply that it was Time who was lying, and that Trump would never make up a story like this.

But this is not even the first time Trump has lied specifically about appearing on Time covers. He previously claimed that he held the record for being on the most front covers of the magazine - something that turned out later to be false.

Honestly, it's surprising that Trump had even expressed a desire to be on the cover at all, considering the 'devil horn' look he was sneakily given last year.

Even so, Trump has offered no further elaboration on his original tweet, nor has he responded to Time's accusation that he doesn't understand how the selection process for the title works. I guess we'll find out who ends up on the cover next month anyway, so there's not long to wait.