Woman threatened for 'F--- Trump' sticker says 'F--- the sheriff' too

Woman threatened for 'F--- Trump' sticker says 'F--- the sheriff' too

Donald Trump is like pineapple on pizza - either you love him or you hate him. Since he became president, he's only gotten more polarizing, and his critics keep finding new ways to protest. Kathy Griffin posed for a photograph holding his severed head. A rogue Twitter employee shut down his Twitter account on their last day of work. A biker followed his motorcade and flipped him off (then got fired from her job, and raised $70,000). Even Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame isn't safe- it's been smashed with a sledgehammer, graffiti tagged and even defecated on. (Gross. But still not as gross as pineapple pizza).

The latest - and funniest - protest comes from a mother in Texas. We've all seen political stickers on cars, but they're never this direct: Karen Fonseca, 46, put up a decal on the back of her pick-up truck that reads "F**k Trump and f**k you for voting for him," with a giant middle finger. It's not going to change any minds but it's pretty hilarious. She's making truck decals great again.

However, one person didn't find it funny: Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls. He shared a picture of the profane decal on Facebook, asking his followers to help identify the owner, and threatening to charge him or her with "disorderly conduct." The post went viral, creating a social media firestorm and sparking a heated debate about free speech. Also, his plan worked: the truck's owner, Karen Fonseca, was exposed. (Nehls later removed the Facebook post, because he was receiving personal threats.)

"Many families have called that have seen that truck on our county roadways and are very offended by the language on the truck," Nehls said. "I think they're walking a fine line." He said he was concerned that the sticker could instigate violence. But it was also revealed that he's a Republican, who's considering running for Congress. You have to wonder if he'd feel the same way about a "F--k Hillary Clinton" decal.

"It's not to cause hate or animosity." said Fonseca. "It's just our freedom of speech and we're exercising it." District Attorney John Healey agreed, telling the Houston Chronicle he "did not believe it was a prosecutable case based on the definition of disorderly conduct."

After making national headlines, Fonseca was arrested, but not for disorderly conduct: She was picked up for fraud charges from an outstanding warrant. Obviously, the timing is suspicious. “I’m almost certain it does have to do with [the decal],” she said. “People abuse the badge, and in my opinion, money talks. When you’re in politics, people know how to work the system.”

Now Fonseca's released on bond, and she's not backing down. She updated her truck with a new decal, right next to the Trump one. This one reads "F**k Troy Nehls and f**k you for voting for him."

Fonseca told reporters she's considering a civil slawuit against Nehls, and believes the new decal is "getting its point across."

“We had been thinking about it and decided, you know, Troy didn’t think twice when he went ahead and put the Facebook post up and exposed me and my family.

No matter what race, religion, or belief you may have, we are all equal. Not any one of us is any better than anyone else. Everyone’s voice should be heard. And I’m just one person.

What are we teaching our next generation of presidents to be?... If you can say ‘grab those women by the p***y. He says it and nobody deletes it.”

She makes a good point! Maybe next time we see her truck, it'll have a "Grab 'em by the p***y" decal.