Woman tweets story of how her kindness stopped kids stealing from Walmart and people are super impressed

Woman tweets story of how her kindness stopped kids stealing from Walmart and people are super impressed

There are a lot of terrible things happening in the world right now, but also a lot of good, nice things too. While no individual can single-handedly stop global warming or establish world peace, they can choose to perform a random act of kindness once in a while. And that random act of kindness has the potential to change lives.

One woman may have saved two young children from having their names marked with a criminal history, which could've caused all kinds of complications later in life. A British woman living in Florida named Nana Asante was shopping in Walmart when she noticed two kids trying to steal something.

But rather than turn her nose up at them or rat them out, Asante decided to intervene in the best way possible.

"These two black kids were stealing out of Walmart," she shared on Twitter. "Security was watching them So I told them whatever you got in your pockets right now walk with me to the register and don’t question me I copped the deoderant [sic] they were about to steal for them I couldn’t let them go to jail..."

Rather than tell them off or turn a blind eye, Asante decided to do a good deed and purchase what the kids were trying to illegally pocket. After it turned out to be deodorant (which usually isn't even more than $4), what Asante did definitely saved the kids from getting in trouble for a relatively small crime. With the security officer watching them, who knows what repercussions they might've faced if the guard continued to approach them and apprehend them for stealing.

Other Twitter-users shared this sentiment, applauding Asante for her good deed that may have prevented a mark being left on their public record. "No kid deserves to have a record because of not being able to afford deodorant. You saved them from being put unfairly in the system," one person wrote.

Another thanked Asante for "standing in the gap" for the kids. "After all they’ve been through, the last thing they need is a criminal record. They didn’t need a lecture; they needed to know that people care enough to help," they wrote.

By insisting that they put whatever they were trying to steal into her shopping cart instead, Asante set a good example for them. She was commended for her simple act of kindness, especially as it could have lasting effects.

One woman sympathised with the children, suggesting that perhaps they – like her – are growing up without money. You never know what kind of households and family backgrounds children come from, after all.

Others were totally inspired by Asante, promising to do their own kind deeds by keeping an eye out for similar opportunities to do the right thing in the future.

Well, I'm sure we can all learn from Asante and make the extra effort to do something nice for someone else once in a while. It could mean the world to them, even if it's not much to you.