Bank denies card with Terry Crews' face on it before he brilliantly steps into the disagreement

Bank denies card with Terry Crews' face on it before he brilliantly steps into the disagreement

For most of us, there comes a time in our adult lives where the novelty of purchasing everything you recklessly added to your shopping cart and splurging on freakish donut/croissant/muffin hybrids wears off. You realise that just because you finally have a real job with a steady income doesn't mean you should be spending it all so wildly.

This is Darrel Kennedy.

She's an LA-based creative, and like many young women, she wanted to start being smarter about her money. Maybe she started thinking about growing her savings, investing her cash in something, or putting it towards a personal project. Whatever it was, she decided to start with her debit card.

As a preventative mechanism of spending too much money with the card, Kennedy wanted to customize her card with an image of Terry Crews.

It's a picture of the actor in his role as Julius, the penny-pinching dad from Everybody Hates Chris. Kennedy thought that Crews' stern face judging her every time she took the card out of her wallet would make her think twice about whatever she was purchasing.

Crews himself is in on the same plan.

Ingenious plan, but it wasn't so easy to convince Kennedy's bank, Wells Fargo. She sent the design to the bank, who told her they couldn't complete her request unless she got full permission from Crews himself.

Despite the near impossibility of actually getting in contact with a celeb as big as Crews, Kennedy thought she'd give it a shot. And what d'you know? The American football player turned actor must've been listening in and was more than happy to oblige, giving his full approval.


Kennedy quickly jumped on the phone to the bank, proving that she'd truly gotten his approval.

All while Crews (and all of Twitter) had his fingers crossed.

After all the anticipation, Kennedy finally came through with the fantastic news that Wells Fargo had finally decided to get the Terry Crews debit card made.

Hoorah! Crews joined in on the celebration too, sharing a delightful display of emojis.

And just like that, all was good in the world again.