Bruce Paddock arrested for child pornography

Bruce Paddock arrested for child pornography

It seems like the Las Vegas shooting was ages ago. Lost in infinitely repeating news cycles, nearly 600 people getting shot by a gunman with no known motive has seemingly faded from public view. The question of gun control, like every other issue in the digital age, was swallowed by social media and thrown away as an overturning of attention that lasted about two weeks.

Now, more is coming out about Stephen Paddock and his family. His brother, Bruce Paddock, has recently been arrested for owning child pornography. Worse, this isn't the only computer mystery in the Paddock family. ABC News reported that the hotel room where Stephen Paddock fired on the concert had a laptop inside it, missing its hard drive.

The missing hard drive struck police as suspicious, and possibly containing revealing information about Paddock and his motives. Paddock, a loner and a gambler, had also purchased software designed to erase stored information. He could have disposed of the hard drive before he shot himself, hiding evidence.

Now, Bruce Paddock, his 58 year-old-brother, has been arrested on suspicion of owning child pornography. We don't know if it is related to the hard drive, but Paddock's brother is potentially one of the only living links to his brother's mass murder. If Bruce Paddock has child pornography, he could be just as deranged as his brother, and offer some insight into his case.

Bruce Paddock was being investigated for child porn well before the October 1st shooting at Mandalay Bay. Only recently have police found his location, and the child pornography on his computer. Could there be some relation between these brothers, spanning a sick relationship to child porn? Speculation will persist until the facts are known.

Bruce Paddock allegedly lives a 'nomadic life', moving from place to place like a drifter. In 2014, he threatened a man whose home he was squatting him, taking an aggressive stance and declaring: "If you keep f****** with me I am going to kill you and drop you in the desert."

The entire Paddock family seems to be a bit...problematic. Their father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was on the FBI's Most Wanted list for ten years. He was a bank robber, and broke out of jail in 1968, after being sentenced to twenty years in prison. He was diagnosed as a psychopath.

Who are these Paddock family members, and why are they so troubled? Is it simply genetic? What was Stephen Paddock's motive? As it stands, there are three great mysteries to this case.

What was on Stephen Paddock's missing hard drive? What was he hiding?

What does his brother, Bruce Paddock, know about the shooting? Or the contents of the hard drive? Or his brother's motives?

And lastly, why do so many members of one family have so much density of criminal activity? It boggles the statistic mind. Between bank robbery, child porn and a mass shooting, it feels very much as if this family came from the line of Cain, in metaphorical terms, a strand of DNA that has corrupted some siblings.