Furious woman rips into mall Santa after insisting that he's 'not even real!'

Furious woman rips into mall Santa after insisting that he's 'not even real!'

There must be a lot of bearded men out there who, when they hit a certain age, realise that they can easily pass for Santa Claus. So if you're retiring, why not spread the Christmas cheer by dressing up and brightening up the days of children at your local mall? But in all honesty, a lot of the mall Santas across the world are likely people grabbing a job that they fit the description for and nothing more.

I can't imagine doing it personally, as you would need a lot of patience to remain warm and friendly with over-excited children all day every day. The last thing you need in that kind of job is any kind of abuse thrown your way, as this unfortunate man did in Toronto recently.

The video, which was filmed on a cellphone at the Dufferin Mall, captured a woman going ballistic at this Santa as he looks dumbfounded. And despite how awful it may have been for him, you can't help but laugh at the ridiculous scene:

The person who shot the footage said that Santa ignored the abuse and generally avoided the woman. She was briefly questioned by security but left without further incident. It seemed like she just had a particularly strong opinion on ol' St. Nick.

On top of the bewilderment and stress of the encounter, you've got to wonder if this guy had a mini existential crisis after being told by a stranger that he wasn't real over and over again.