This Halloween-themed train ride comes with booze

This Halloween-themed train ride comes with booze

Halloween is one of the finest times of the year. The crisp October breeze, combined with the orange dwindling of green on the leaves, the sweeping wind and the penetrating cold of new nights, all synthesizes to create the perfect month for mystery and eerie occurrences. The eerie October air is intriguing, new, providing ways forward that seem novel and unexpected. October is arguably the best month of the year.

But for us adults, those young distant days of trick-or-treating far behind us, Halloween seems to mean either one of two things: drinking or costume parties. Probably both. Intoxication, of course, is a hallmark of the month of October, and the fall in general. Drinking amber beer amongst amber leaves has Dionysian sense to it, of slipping time, and understanding that that 'slip' is the sense of intoxication, the invitation of the weird and abnormal into the day. That's why we drink, isn't it? To simulate the sensation of something new and worthwhile going on?

Well, for us Halloween drinkers, there's a new train ride being offered in the heart of the rust belt, south of New England.

The New Hope and Ivyland Railroad, stationed in Pennsylvania, describes the journey on their website:

"Take a 40 minute ride ride on the dark side onboard the Haunted Halloween Train. Do you trust yourself to be at the mercy of your own Nightmares? When this train leaves the safety of the station, you are tossed into the hands of the unknown. Our creatures are sure to frighten the strongest of heart, and test the nerve of all onboard. So, climb aboard this haunted train ride that’s guaranteed to send chills shimmying up and down your spine on an October adventure you won’t soon forget."

Apparently, it's a mobile haunted house onboard a vintage spooky-looking train. The ride lasts about 40 minutes, and only costs $35. The liquor is there, seemingly, to help cope with the presence of "creatures" in the "hands of the unknown".

The train leaves from New Hope, Pennsylvania, into the October wooded forests, the dark and intimidating looming trees and moonlight of a late fall evening. I imagine that goblins and monstrosities in Scooby-Doo-style outfits will be patrolling the train cars like Dementors in Harry Potter. And hey, there's another idea: haunted Dementor train ride. That would sell pretty damn well.

Drinking is definitely the best way to cope with terrifying creatures, so the intoxication and the ghosts all kind of swirl together to make a lot of sense. It's a good combination, like sipping a witches' brew.

What do you think about the boozy Halloween train? If you're excited for this, you'd better sign up quickly - tickets sell out often, and October is coming to a close. As the train winds through the woods, don't be surprised to see M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, except hopefully better, like The Witch. That was a really good horror movie. Check out The Witch, if you can't get to the booze train.