Here's the most absurd conspiracy theory about the Las Vegas shooting

Here's the most absurd conspiracy theory about the Las Vegas shooting

Alex Jones is the host of Infowars, a conspiracy theory show that called Sandy Hook a fake massacre, a "false flag" designed to take away Americans' guns. He rose to fame in 2000, when he videotaped the burning of the owl ritual at Bohemain Grove, a bizarre pagan gathering of male elite billionaires, and also attended by some ex-Presidents. Now, he's posted a clip of his show from last Friday, arguing that he predicted the Las Vegas shooting.

"They are preparing a violent overthrow sometime in November, October. Now, why do you think the communists are suddenly uncloaking themselves? Because after growing under the floorboards, they want to look like a legitimate government, when they take over, and when they call for the racial war, when they call for the uprising.

"This is a playbook, and it's from them, they're saying this is happening, and they're being allowed to gear u and prepare for it. What will it be in a month? What will it be in just a few weeks? It snuck up on us, hasn't it? It's the October's the 100 year anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, we're here, it's happening now. This is real."

That's right, the Las Vegas shooting was part of a coup against Trump being waged by communists. How? Well, that's the missing part of the theory. Ah well. Jones claims that more terror attacks are coming throughout October and November, all with the express goal of removing Trump.

In another video, Jones called the shooting "scripted by deep state Democrats and their Islamic allies." Oh, so there are jihadist Muslims working with the communists? Why yes, of course. He says the shooter, Stephen Paddock, had "converted to Islam in the last two months". Now, ISIS did claim the Las Vegas shooting as their own. But there's no evidence that ISIS can prove that in any way, and are probably just latching onto any attack in America as a false show of strength.

The Bolshevik-ISIS alliance is also quite curious and ahistorical. But that's what Jones does! This is nothing new, it's just a routine hatching of absurdity. What's really strange is that Jones claims that Trump has called him before, and that the two are friends. Jones has interviewed Trump on his show, so it's likely. They're buddies.

Also, Jones believes that George W. Bush and his administration committed 9/11. So he's just cool with Republicans now?

Alex Jones has also gone through a recent divorce and custody battle, in which his lawyers argued that Jones is "playing a character" after clips of his show were used as evidence to argue that he cannot properly raise children. Wow.

So, Jones as a performance artist makes a lot of sense. He's larger-than-life, he has great videos where he goes on science fiction rants about 'vampire pedophiles in the government' and rips off his shirt while screaming about his love for Hillary Clinton. He's a great actor, just a really really bad conspiracy theorist.

Alex Jones is stationed in Austin, Texas, and is a really crazy guy. What do you think of him?