The King of Saudi Arabia's gold escalator broke down with him on it

The King of Saudi Arabia's gold escalator broke down with him on it

If you're the King of Saudi Arabia – the country with one-fifth of the world's oil reserves – you're probably going to have a lot of luxuries at your disposal. King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, who has been Saudi Arabia's leader since 2015, is said to have a net worth of $1.33 billion.

He's got his own private jail, a yacht the length of a football field and several dazzling mansions all over the world. He's even got a Kleenex dispenser... made of gold. 

See for yourself:

He does not travel lightly either. Earlier this year, he visited Indonesia and took along 460 tonnes of luggage and an entourage of 1500 people, including 25 princes. It was a nine-day trip.

And just now on Wednesday, when King Salman arrived in Moscow for a state visit to Russia, he was brutally awakened for a moment to the reality the rest of us plebs face when the golden escalator attached to his private jet suddenly stopped, and he was forced to walk the rest of the way down. Yes, he's got an escalator for disembarking an aircraft, and yes, it's golden.

Here it is in action (or, inaction):

How embarro.

What's a little bit frightening is that he genuinely looks confused about what to do after the escalator jams to a halt. He just stands there – blinking – for an excruciating 25 seconds. I mean, has he never walked down a flight of stairs before?

Luckily, one of the King's buddies standing protectively behind him suggested that he might try using his legs to walk down. He seems to like this idea and slowly wobbles down the glittering escalator, one foot at a time.

Of course, everyday peasants like you and me relished in the King's golden glitch, and gloated about it online:

But to be fair, the guy is 81 years old. Still, we should all take note that if you want to make such a dazzling entrance, you better not stuff something up. Because everyone WILL be watching, and everyone WILL talk about it.

Nevertheless, the King did manage to meet President Putin despite the small hiccup. In further news, the two had a seemingly smooth meeting, and it was confirmed that large investment deals and other "ventures" between Russia and Saudi Arabia had been established.

"This is the first visit by a Saudi Arabian monarch in the history of our relations and that in itself is a landmark event," said President Putin, as he welcomed the King in a (supposedly) very sparkly and ornate room at the Kremlin.

"I'm sure your visit will boost the ties between our countries," he said.

"We aim to strengthen our relations in the interests of peace and security, in the interests of developing the world economy," King Salman responded.

It seems the two are off to a flying start, but there is no news if Putin had a Kleenex box to rival that of the Saudi king.