Makeup artist does blackface when she "can't find a black model"

Makeup artist does blackface when she "can't find a black model"

Welcome to 2017, a year where people are still doing blackface. I mean, come on guys... really? Despite several incidences of beauty bloggers and makeup artists being called out for doing blackface, it still keeps happening. I would genuinely be interested to wonder why people think this would ever be okay?

Even if you do, why would you then choose to upload a photo/video of your blackface onto social media, where it is always going to be greeted with hostility and abuse?

The latest MUA to come under fire for her use of the controversial makeup look is Perçem Akin, who is currently on the receiving end of some serious scorn from the online community. Akin recently uploaded a tutorial to her YouTube channel and Instagram account where she taught her followers how to blackface, and unsurprisingly, people aren't happy with her in the slightest.

According to several reports surrounding the controversial tutorial, Akin also further angered her audiences by using the hashtag #slave and #sadmakeup in the caption for the tutorial. However, not one to take the abuse lying down, Akin has responded to those giving hating on her online, saying that she was simply following the instructions of her director and that the makeup was for an upcoming film which she was working on. Akin says that the reason she had to blackface was because the production company who are in charge of the film were finding it hard to find a black female model.

"This post is for a movie character in my country. Directors came and asked me: Could you do this? And the movie is about the fucking racism which is rising all around the world. So this is not my design and not my idea, because I am just a makeup artist not director, you know. We are not living in America or Africa, so finding any black model is so difficult in here."

Akin also says that she never used the hashtag #slave, and that the original hashtag on her post was #slayer, which is the title of the film. She said she would be taking legal action against the person that changed it, as she feels like that is what started the vitriol towards her.

"I wanna say that, I never used the hashtag #slave, never ever. My hashtags is #slayer which is the tittle [sic] of the movie. Someone in my country had changed this and started all this against me and I am taking a legal action against to them now"

The makeup artist has now made her account private and it's easy to see why, given the backlash on social media towards her.

Whether intentionally offensive or not, Akin was pretty stupid to go through with this makeup tutorial, let alone put it online. Blackface is racist, and it's unbelievable that given we are now living in 2017, we are still having to deal with stupid incidents like this. When will people learn?