Meet the mother who fell pregnant with twins six weeks after giving birth to her firstborn

Meet the mother who fell pregnant with twins six weeks after giving birth to her firstborn

I can only imagine that giving birth for the first time must be at the same time terrifying as it is exciting. Sure, we hear all the stories of glowing mothers and what it's like to look upon your precious mini-me for the first time on the ultrasound machine, but there's also the less glamorous things that people don't want you to hear about. Like, about losing control of your bladder and the way pregnancy can totally deform your body to the point where you wonder if it'll ever be the same again.

Well, there's one woman who had barely a chance to register all that after giving birth to her firstborn before she was forced to go through it all again. 28-year-old Eliza Curby gave birth to her son Charlie in January 2016, and only six weeks later, found out she was pregnant again. With twins.

Of course, old wives tales tell us that it's not possible to fall pregnant if you're still breastfeeding, and this was totally proven to be false as was the case with Eliza. But she also believed it at first, and so said she "didn't even think about contraception".

It was completely unexpected for the young mother, who was only really mentally preparing herself for how to take the next steps with her six-week-old old firstborn son. But sure enough, she gave birth to a set of twins on Christmas Eve of 2016, when Charlie was not even one year old.

The bizarre odds of the situation made the Sydney mother somewhat famous, but it's only now – almost a year since the birth of her twins Jack and Wolfe – that the self-touted "three-in-one-mother" has spoken out about her unique pregnancy.

"For the first six months, I don't remember much, I was running on empty,' Eliza told the Daily Mail Australia. "But with the one year anniversary coming up, I can finally feel like I've nearly got this."

"There is so much I've learned over the past year. The main thing would be to relax my 'pre-baby' standards I set for myself - like having a clean house or the washing done."

Eliza described the 12 months from when she went from being a mother of none to three as "very short", and said having three kids so close together was something she never expected. But with the help of her partner Ben, the couple are raising their three kids just fine. She said she has a new respect for the saying that "it takes a village" to raise a child.

"It really does," she joked. "I owe my sanity to my partner, the grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends."

Eliza says that while it's been a struggle to raise three very young babies almost simultaneously, especially when it comes to transportation, it's also hugely rewarding for her.

"Watching the three interact with each other and being able to observe the bond forming, building up slowly as the twins begin to 'get it'. They love each other and I can see it."

But it still doesn't mean Eliza and Ben are planning for any more kids anytime soon.

"We don't plan on more babies for the future," she said. "I had always imagined having four, so I'm not opposed to the idea."

"But I'm loving our life as it is. I feel like we've got the perfect little family."

Well, you never know what could happen.