There is now an edition of Monopoly specifically for cheaters

There is now an edition of Monopoly specifically for cheaters

Everybody cheats while playing Monopoly, stealing money when you're the banker, stealing money when you're not the banker, lying about what you rolled on the dice, not telling someone when you land on their property, and making up what it says on the Chance and Community Cards. (And if all that fails, just flip the board over and storm off. Then nobody wins.)

The lengthy board game's been ruining friendships since 1932, and hasn't changed that much, aside from some pop culture makeovers: Lord of the Rings Monopoly, The Simpsons Monopoly, Star Wars Monopoly, etc. However, Hasbro announced they're releasing a brand-new "Cheaters Edition" of the game, that redefines the rules to encourage cheating. Machiavelli would be proud.

According a to a study conducted by Hasbro, nearly half of people that play Monopoly try to cheat. (What a shocker.) So, they decided to embrace it. "As anyone who’s participated in game night knows, the friendly competition can often get heated," said Hasbro senior vice president Jonathan Berkowitz. "This new version is actually leveling the playing field so everyone operates under the same universal rules, with no special advantage for those sly cheaters."

So, what are the new rules? In addition to the Chance and Community Cards, there are 15 Cheat Cards. These cards ask you to carry out surreptitious acts of fraud and sabotage. For example, you may be asked to short-change another player, collect rent for another player's property, move someone's token instead of your own, steal money from the bank, skip spaces while moving, add hotels on your property without paying, etc. Basically, you're supposed to break all the same rules business tycoons do in real monopolies.

If you're successful with these cons, you get a reward, like a sum of money or the opportunity to totally screw another player. If you fail, you receive a punishment, like losing some of your dirty money, or being sent to jail, where you handcuffed. That's right - this version of the game comes with handcuffs, so you literally get handcuffed when you go to jail. Maybe the next edition will come with an orange jumpsuit.

Also, there's no banker, so all the players can cheat equally. "Players are in control of the Bank on their turn and pass it to the next player when their turn is over, says Berkowitz. "Making it easier to pull off 'cheats' such as the Bank Heist." Hey, people get away with cheating in real life all the time - you might as well get away with it in Monopoly.

On social media, everyone seems pretty excited to ruin their friendships playing the "Cheaters Edition." Maybe next there will a "Liar's Edition" of Trivial Pursuit, where you can make up your own facts. Or a "Burglar's Edition" of Operation, where you steal organs from the patient and try to sell them on the black market.

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