The #PortaPottyChallenge is the nasty new trend to hit the internet in 2017

The #PortaPottyChallenge is the nasty new trend to hit the internet in 2017

Remember when the internet was a relatively new thing? There was so much possibility ahead of us as a species, with communication greatly improved and this inter-connectivity giving us the chance to work together to make a new, better world. Fast forward a few years and, while some of this is true, we're mostly overwhelmed with the sheer weirdness of the human race more than anything.

Whether it's meme culture, trending hashtags, or a genuine way to express yourself, there's no end to the imagination and offbeat humour available across the web. Yet even when we have gotten used to this quantity of weird trends coming and going, sometimes you have stop and say "wait – what?"

That's definitely the case with the #PortaPottyChallenge, which is no doubt a weird thing to come across, but maybe not as gross as you would think. That's the knee-jerk reaction, because no one has really had anything but a bad experience in one of these portable chemical toilets. It's cramped, uncomfortable, most of the time left disgusting from previous users (especially at music festivals) – you just want to get in and out of there as fast as possible.

Yet with this trend, something else entirely is happening. People are are, for whatever reason, cramming huge groups into these cubicles in the name of the #PortaPottyChallenge. On top of that, people are filming what happens afterwards, as they exit one by one like circus performers from a clown car.

Apparently this is is spreading across the US, primarily through cross-country teams. This group of cross-country runners managed to fit 12 people in:

But then they were easily outdone by another cross country team, who managed to get that number all the way to 16 people.

If you thought that was an impressive amount, this group somehow got the number up to 21 (how?).

Pushing things far further than they needed to go, this next group beat even that record. If you have any doubts that any of these videos are fake, they prove it is just one porta-potty by showing us the full exterior, which is bulging with the mass of people inside. How many people, you ask? How about 40.

The trend has been around for a couple of months but the above video from the Riverside Cross Country in South Carolina took things up a notch. You can see how many of them there are as they exit the cubicle in the next video:

How about it – do you fancy taking up the challenge? If the answer is no, then you might just be sane. I can't say I've ever wanted to stay in one of these for long as it is, but cramming another 39 people in there with me sounds like some hell on earth. Hopefully, 40 is enough for these teens, and we won't be seeing anyone try 50.