Ted Cruz seemingly admitted to being the Zodiac Killer on Twitter

Ted Cruz seemingly admitted to being the Zodiac Killer on Twitter

Ted Cruz has had a very rough past few years. Emerging as a leading Presidential candidate, he represented the religious right-wing conservative faction in the United States to a T. And he was also hopelessly, mercilessly, brutally owned by Donald Trump during the Republican primary election.

Cruz was slandered from all angles. He was tarred and feathered as a liar with an ugly wife and a dad who may or may not have killed JFK. Oh yeah. That is what Trump said, or hinted at, whether through his tweets (comparing Heidi Cruz to his wife Melania), little asides (suggesting that Ted Cruz never denied that his dad was photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald) and grand declarations (the famous Lyin' Ted). Now, poor Ted has also been caught liking a porn tweet on Twitter. Nothing but embarrassment for our boy.

Senator Ben Sasse, after accidentally dumping a Dr. Pepper on Ted Cruz, tweeted out that he had been wearing his "Lee Harvey Oswald was framed t-shirt", making a connection to Donald Trump's previous hilarious assertion that Ted Cruz's father may have killed John F. Kennedy. Yeah.

It's a curious thing to be Ted Cruz in this day and age, being forced to bow down and prostrate before a President who, in a triple-blow knockout, denoted you as Lyin' Ted, called your wife ugly, and said that your dad shot JFK. I mean, come on. Is it possible to get wrecked any harder than that? For a while, Cruz was indignant about Trump, wrapping himself in the flag and the NeverTrump CruzCrew. But he came around. They always come around...

Now, he's revealed his true nature. He is not little Rafael Cruz, a lying man with an ugly wife, but rather, the Zodiac Killer himself. Oh yeah. Cruz posted a photo of one of the zodiac killer's letters, with all its eerie pictograms:

Cruz was at least able to get in on the joke. Unless...it's his final ploy, and he really is the Zodiac Killer. Think about it. What would be the perfect cover for being the Zodiac Killer? Joking publicly about being the Zodiac Killer. So he's the Zodiac Killer. Due to...facts and logic. Yeah, that'll do it.

Sasse joked that he couldn't find the grassy knoll in Cruz's coded message:

What do you think of Ted Cruz? The man has been pretty radical for decades, as has Ben Sasse, occupying the 'cut-every-social-service' wing of the Republican Party. It's good that they can get in on a joke, but they're also pretty powerful and tend to do the wrong things with power. Sadly, getting a meme is the best PR a politician can have. Memes are marketing.

Would you want to dump a Dr. Pepper on Ted Cruz? Hypothetically, if he was the Zodiac Killer and his dad killed JFK, you know, it would be justified. Cosmic justice and all that. Do you think Ted should've stood up for himself more against Donald Trump? Is it okay that he watches Twitter porn? So many questions, for such a lumpy Texan.