This 'time traveler from 2030' just passed a lie detector test based on his claims

This 'time traveler from 2030' just passed a lie detector test based on his claims

With the rising trend in people claiming to be time travelers, one man has decided to take a lie-detector test in order to prove that he is telling the truth and that he isn't having us all on. A couple of months ago, in a bizarre video uploaded onto YouTube, a man known only as 'Noah' claimed that he had traveled to the future - and what he described wasn't exactly pretty.

The video, which was posted by a channel called Paranormal Elite, begins with a short introduction explaining that Noah was part of a "government project in America" and claims that he is using a false name due to a "fear of being assassinated".

Noah went on to say that he has some mental health issues due to his years of time travel, and that - while he appears young - he has actually lived for "about 50 years". From the offset of the interview, Noah seems to be pretty shaken up. He talks quickly and unevenly, and, despite him using a voice distorter, it's easy to tell that he is nervous. One of the first things he says in the clip is: "It is not my intent to deceive anybody, my sole objective is to prove to you that time travel exists in the next few years."

As for his "proof" that he had been to the future, Noah said: "Electric cars and self-driving cars will be dramatically improved. A consumer electric car will be able to travel 600 miles on a single charge in 2021.

"Many people are spending a lot of their time in virtual reality

"AI will also be huge and growing in 2021."

But, the biggest bombshell was: "I promise that the President of the United States after the 2020 election will be Donald J Trump."

Understandably, people called bulls**t on a lot of Noah's claims, with plenty of people saying that he is just a prankster. But, in spite of the negativity, Noah has appeared for a second video in which he takes a lie detector test in order to prove that he is not a liar.

In a recent interview with Apex TV, he was asked to relay the claims that he made while also confirming whether or not he is really from the future.

"Are you an actual time traveller from the year 2030?" was the first question posed.

Of course, Noah responded, saying that he is from 2030 and a green header appears on the screen saying 'true'. However, the result on the machine cannot be seen.

He was then asked if he had hard evidence to back up the claims that Trump would be elected, Bitcoin will be used regularly, humans would travel to Mars in 2028 and that electric cars will travel at 600mph. However, he replies to this question saying that he can't give proof 'due to a paradox', and the 'true' header appears again.

Noah then goes on to reel off a list of things that will happen in the future and continues to receive 'true' headers throughout.

So there you have it, Noah is telling the truth. Or, this video is just a load of trash. Personally, I'm going for the latter.