Trump claimed he met with the President of the Virgin Islands - who is himself

Trump claimed he met with the President of the Virgin Islands - who is himself

On Friday, giving a speech, President Trump said he had "met with the president of the Virgin Islands" to discuss hurricane relief. Which is all well and good, except for the fact that Trump IS the President of the Virgin Islands, which is part of the US. Does he know? Who knows!

Sam Topp, communications director for the Governor, said:

“I would not want to in any way involve the governor of the Virgin Islands in any national dispute in the media about what the president knows about the relationship between the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

"It doesn't serve our purpose to participate in the national hoopla over whether Donald Trump is making competent comments or not. Just look at the documents that govern the relationship [between the United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands], and you can determine how relevant or irrelevant, or advised or ill-advised, his comments were. There’s no president of the United States other than the president of the United States."

Very classy response from Topp, there. Remember when Obama accidentally said there were 51 states, and conservatives talked about it for weeks? Yeah. If Trump gaffes could be counted, they'd be quite a bit worse. He makes a lot of mistakes when he speaks. Which is fine, but he claims to have a "great brain" and a high IQ. In fact, he's challenged his own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to an IQ test after he reportedly called him a "moron" in July.

It's like the President really enjoys Rick and Morty or something. Man, he's so smart. "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the 8-dimensional chess of Donald Trump. Every move he makes has great subtlety, and-"

I mean, I'm sure he is smart. He became the President. But he just can't let anything go, and God forbid anyone be better than him at anything. He's probably hunched over a notebook right now, penning bars, trying to outrap Eminem.

Does Trump know he's President of the Virgin Islands? Well, despite his $700 billion military, he claimed it would be too hard to get supplies to Puerto Rico fast because of a "big ocean". Yeah, all those military bases in every corner of the world? Easy. Relief to Puerto Rico? We can't exactly teleport around the globe, now!

The gaps in President Trump's knowledge are somewhat irrelevant though. At the end of his day, his advisers convince him to do things, and the Republican Party has to pass all his stuff. Honestly, it's gone better than it could have. Until he unleashes the executive actions.

What do you think? Do you want a Trump IQ test? They should reveal it on live TV, like Jerry Springer, and have Trump and Tillerson react in real-time to their IQs being shown. I for one want to see the numbers. Big numbers, big figures, huge returns. Just huge. 212? 240? Try an IQ of 379, plebeians. Trump is smarter than Socrates fused with Jesus fused with Max Planck.