This wanted man's mugshot is going viral for all the wrong reasons

This wanted man's mugshot is going viral for all the wrong reasons

Normally when you see mugshots posted on news reports, letting the public know that there's a criminal on the loose, it ends up being a fairly average-looking man without any particularly unique features, which can get in the way of identifying him if you do run into the convict at some point.

There have been some instances where mugshots have proven to be memorable, however. Jeremy Meeks, dubbed the "hot felon", went viral back in 2015 for a stunningly handsome mugshot that made the rounds on social media. Meeks, who was convicted of a number of crimes, some petty and some violent, has ended up becoming one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling industry in the last two years.

It was even reported that the model is earning $1 million a month, and his estranged wife Melissa was claiming he owed her spousal and child support as their divorce raged on. The former prisoner-turned-model made his debut at New York fashion week this year, and has had intermittent photoshoots since is mugshot went viral. But not all mugshots attract attention for their glamor.

KTVU2 News posted an alert on their Facebook page to find a man who has recently escaped from prison. Corey Hughes, a 26-year-old man who was serving time on a weapons charge, was last seen in a work crew in Stockon, California before his escape. The photo has reached over 26,000 shares and 6,000 comments, and not for the right reasons. Just check out Corey's terrible face tattoo:

Understandably, many people in the comment section of the post couldn't take it seriously. The top comment on the post asked: "Does he have any distinguishing features that might help the public recognize him?"

Another user wrote: “Hi my name is Corey. I’m a 27 year old single guy. I just left my job to pursue a different career. My hobbies include tattoos, running and I especially love the outdoors. I’m sorry for the quality of the photo attached I had a friend take it for me. CHEERS!”

And someone who shared the same name with the convict insisted he didn’t want to be associated with this fellow Corey. He said, “As a representative of the collective Coreys or Corys, we hereby revoke this particular Corey’s status and claim no affiliation within our ranks. Thank you.”

You can imagine how he thought this was a good idea. A skeletal face tattoo can be pretty intimidating when done right - maybe he thought he would look more like El Diablo from Suicide Squad, but the design here is kind of a mess. On top of that, he's now easily identifiable by anyone in the state, who can easily ring up the police and tell them that "there's a dude here with a skeleton face" and he'll be back in jail in no time at all.