Wendy's has savage response to McDonald's failed Black Friday tweet

Wendy's has savage response to McDonald's failed Black Friday tweet

We're living in a weird time. While we are inundated with news of horrendous natural disasters, abuses of power in the film industry, unjust laws, civil unrest and astonishingly dumb statements being made by politicians each day, there is also something pretty strange that we've all gotten used to: corporations using social media.

And it's not just companies letting you know that there's a sale or deal on that you have to check out, but also fast food chains creating their own Twitter accounts with unique personalities and jokes. I mean, it's pretty strange to tweet at KFC with the knowledge that they just might reply to you individually.

However big the company is or how much money they have behind these social interactions, there are bound to be mistakes here and there. If you're putting this content out each day, it's just a matter of time before you slip up - just like McDonald's did this week with their Black Friday tweet.

On Friday, morning the fast food chain tweeted out what looks like an unfinished draft of a tweet to their followers:

Of course, people picked up on this. After all, the account does have over 160,000 followers - and tons of non-followers noticed it too after it got re-tweeted enough.

Luckily for McDonald's, they pulled off a response to their own gaffe that almost reversed the embarrassment they were facing in the public eye of Twitter (which is a place not known for its kind words and sensitivity). On top of that, they managed to sneak in a little advertisement for one of their products too:

They weren't out of the woods yet, however, as Wendy's came down on them with a pretty savage response to the initial mistake:

In the tweet, they reference the frequent reports that McDonald's ice cream machines are always down, something McDonald's doesn't seem to have a retort for.

After years of complaints about these machines being broken or out of order, McDonald's made an announcement earlier this year that they would be replacing them with new ones - but, several months later, not much has changed. One person even created an app that lets people know whether their local McDonald's has a working McFlurry machine or not.

The current machines have to go through a nightly cleaning cycle that can last up to four hours, during which they can't serve ice cream. The replacement machines are meant to do away with this problem, have fewer parts and be generally easier to maintain.

It's an easy target, but one that Wendy's hit right on the mark. As usual, people were pretty impressed with whoever was behind the account.

It's still a little weird that one fast food chain can respond to another fast food chain's tweet like this, but if we had to decide who was doing it best - the winner would have to be Wendy's.