Woman tries to kill bugs and accidentally burns her entire house down

Woman tries to kill bugs and accidentally burns her entire house down

When it's time for us to fly the coup, most good parents make sure you don't go to live on your own without a single survival tactic on how to take care of yourself properly. They want to know that you'll be able to change a lightbulb, cook yourself a semi-nutritious meal and that you won't wash your woollen sweaters on a high heat.

But alas, there's no way they can teach us every bit of sage domestic wisdom, just as this US woman learnt after accidentally burning her entire house to the ground after all she was trying to do was kill a couple of bugs. Yikes.

The Ohio woman was trying to rid her home of bed bugs on Friday night, using a home-style method of dabbing alcohol over her infested furniture, not thinking the open flame nearby (suspected to be a candle or incense stick she lit to make the task a little less mundane) could lead to a massive inferno. Big mistake. Late on Friday night, Cincinnati fire officials were called to the multi-family home in Avondale which was ablaze.

District 3 Fire Chief Randy Freel said that fire was "shooting" from the first floor when fire crews arrived around midnight. They helped an elderly lady who had trouble seeing through the smoke safely out of the building. Three other people inside the building were sent to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation, though they are expected to recover without injury.

Thanks to the open flame inadvertently coming in contact with the highly flammable liquid, the five-unit building was heavily damaged after the fire spread quickly to ravage the house, doing some $250,000 in damages. Officials said 10 people were left homeless. The three teenagers and seven adults affected are being found temporary lodging by The Red Cross.

One of the residents who lived on the top floor of the building, Kamaron Lyshe, arrived home to see flames tearing through the building and shooting from the roof. He posted a video on Facebook of the house on fire:

"When I got here the whole house was on fire," Lyshe explained. The next morning, he stood in shock looking at what was left of the building.

"I'm kind of dealing with it now. I'll start from scratch," he said. "It's like a dream....everything is burnt. I'll start fresh. It's all we can do now."

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time something like this has happened. Only a couple of weeks ago on November 28, the same Cincinnati fire department was called to a burning apartment building after a 13-year-old boy started a fire when trying to get rid of bed bugs with alcohol too, leaving eight people homeless. The woman who started Friday's fire doesn't wish to be identified, and for good reason, because it is kind of embarro.

Fire officials are pleading with people not to try these home-remedies for eradicating kill bed bugs, with Freel offering just one simple request: "Get a professional," he said.

Well, the bed bugs are probably dead, so you can't say the method didn't work.