Australian restaurant slapped with fine after dumping two drunk women outside

Australian restaurant slapped with fine after dumping two drunk women outside

Like most of you out there, I've gotten drunk in quite a few establishments in my time. Whether that's by binging on beer, gorging on gin or simply forgetting to eat dinner that day, I've spent quite a few evenings doubled over a toilet, or staring myself in the mirror, only then realising how drunk I'd gotten.

I wish I could say it was in my younger days.

Despite all my drunken debauchery over the years, I can say with a degree of pride (not a very large one) that I've only been thrown out of an establishment for being drunk once. Many times, the bar's closed or I've left of my own accord, but only once did bar staff look at me in my inebriated state and decide yes: this one's had enough.

To be fair, if you're working in such a place, drunk people are something you come across on a pretty regular basis, so you'd imagine that it would take a lot to get thrown out of there. And although the bar is serving you alcohol and as a result is not exactly blameless, it's very rare that a establishment like that is directly responsible for getting you thrown out.

Like this restaurant in Australia, for example, which was fined by the Australian authorities after what they described as one of the worst breaches of liquor laws in recent times. The Gangnam Station Korean diner in Sydney entertained three women at its bar, and to that end had given them each eight shots of Korean soju liquor in 35 minutes.

Unsurprisingly, two of the women passed out at the table.

But rather than calling the drunk women a cab or otherwise ensuring their safety, waiters (alongside other diners that evening) carried the two women out of the venue (one of them throwing up as they did so), and left them on the footpath outside. They only received medical help once police noticed the large group of people gathered around them outside.

“We now have more training,” said the bar manager at the Gangnam Station revealed. “It was after the last drink they suddenly fall back. Staff very surprised. We think they would go home with friend. Outside they sit down and lie down. Normally we would call taxi or ambulance.”

"It's hard to imagine a worse case of a venue failing in its obligations to prevent misuse and abuse of alcohol," a representative from the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA), whose report also said that the women were swaying and struggling to sit in their seats, yet the staff continued to serve them the soju.

As punishment for the blatant flouting of the rules, NSW Police has fined the Gangnam Station $2,200, with the restaurant's licensee Sunhwa Kim being issued a first strike under the NSW Government’s Three Strikes disciplinary scheme. The restaurant's closing time has also been moved back from 2am to midnight.