Footage shows man crossing telephone wires to avoid paying hotel bill

Footage shows man crossing telephone wires to avoid paying hotel bill

I don't know about you guys, but the best part for me about going abroad is getting to stay in a hotel. The room is just as good as your one back home (if not better), there are maids there to change your sheets every morning, and plus, you get all kinds of perks such as a free pool, WiFi, or room service.

The only downside, in my opinion, is that hotels are always trying to make you pay for it. Ridiculous, right? And when a 200ml bottle of tonic water costs upward of $15, it's almost a point of principle not to pay for it. We all end up ponying up the cash, though, because thanks to their wire system, they always know.

You could always try to haggle, or insist that your finger slipped and accidentally bought four hours' worth of adult movies, but those techniques are amateurish compared to this acrobatic evader, who went to extreme lengths to ensure he wouldn't pay his presumably huge hotel bill.

In Panzhou, out in the Chinese province of Guizhou, one man had just spent the night at a hotel, and he didn't particularly feel like footing the bill. Instead, he climbed out of the window, 20 floors up, and attempted to climb some telephone wires to a nearby building 60 metres up in the air. As you can see below, that... did not exactly go to plan.

Let's keep in mind that this guy is dangling above a four-lane road, at a height that would make Spider-Man dizzy. Although he starts strong, he apparently makes the cardinal mistake of looking down, and is from that point on frozen to the wire, too terrified to go any further.

Eventually, he was retrieved by Panzhou firefighters, before being transported back to the hotel. "The man did not suffer any injuries, he is safe now," they said, but I'd imagine he would still have to pay that bill. Probably a little bit more now that he tried to escape.

This video went viral on the Chinese social media site Weibo, where it gained over seven million views, and many commenters didn't hesitate to savage the wannabe tightrope walker. "God this man is a f***ing fool," one said. "how about a good ole run in the streets instead of risk your ass on a wire for few bucks."

Another asked the question on all of our lips when they said "does he think it's okay to put his life in danger just to avoid paying for a night's stay in a hotel?" while another quipped: "He really thinks he is filming some action movies, right?"

The moral of the story is pretty simple, I think. If you're going to try and get out of paying for your stay in a hotel, then more grease to your elbow, but maybe that bill would be preferable to becoming a strawberry stain on a busy intersection, several feet below. That would make for a pretty terrible headstone, in my opinion.