Frightening footage shows matador being gored in the groin by bull

Frightening footage shows matador being gored in the groin by bull

Despite having polarised public opinion for decades, bullfighting continues to be practiced in certain regions of Spain, France and South America. The spectacle, which is largely considered a blood sport, is chiefly defended on the grounds of cultural importance. Advocates or aficionados claim that the sport embodies traditions which date back hundreds of years, whereas those who are anti-bullfighting insist that it is a serious and protracted form of animal cruelty.

But regardless of where you stand on the debate, you can't deny that bullfighting is a risky career path to undertake. Time and time again, we hear veritable horror stories of matadors being gored by enraged bulls, and emerging, if at all, with life-changing injuries. And it can make you wonder whether the fame and glory of being a bullfighter is worth braving the risks of the bull-ring.

Certainly, a young bullfighter was recently gored in the groin during a fiesta tournament in Mexico, and the horrifying sequence was captured on video.

Matador, Luis David Adame had barely started to taunt the bull with the emblematic red cape, when the incensed animal ducked and gored Luis David's crotch, lifting him into the air and tossing him aside like a rag doll.

The bullfighter had attempted to use the cape to dazzle and confuse the bull, however, the animal cottoned on and changed direction so suddenly that Luis David was unable to get out of the way in time.

The judges and Luis David's colleagues looked on in horror, as blood began to spew from the lesion, colouring the bullfighter's white trousers a grisly shade of red. In the video, Luis David can be seen holding his groin, as he limps away in agony.

The incident took place in plaza Santa María de Querétaro, Mexico during the first bout of the festival.

Luis David was carried from the bullring by his stunned colleagues, and was promptly transported  to hospital.

By Sunday morning, however, the young matador was feeling recovered enough to take to Twitter to thank his fans for all their support. In an emotional tweet, Luis David said that he was looking forward to seeing his supporters soon, and that nothing compares to the feeling when an audience cheers "torero" (the Spanish term for bullfighter).

While Luis David is said to be recovering and in stable condition, his doctor Dr Rafael Vazquez Bayod informed media outlets that the injury he received was, indeed, substantial, "Luis David Adame has suffered a large goring in the scrotum that has torn the skin across 10cm, including injury to the testicles."

Well, it remains to be seen whether the traumatising incident will put Luis David Adame off bullfighting for good. I mean, I don't know about you, but just watching that video made me feel mildly nauseous - they don't call it a "blood sport" for nothing, eh?

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