Guy gets slammed after sexist tweet about how certain women's bodies 'ruin' his day

Guy gets slammed after sexist tweet about how certain women's bodies 'ruin' his day

I don't know about you, but there are plenty of things that can ruin my day.

Just in the morning, my alarm might fail to go off, my breakfast could be ruined by spoiled food, or my commute severely delayed for one ridiculous reason or another. Murphy's Law can even manifest itself as random chaos, the very concept of entropy conspiring against you to make your waking hours extra terrible.

One time, everything was going to plan. My alarm went off on time, I had a quick but effective shower, and my eggs, bacon and toast came out all okay. Leaving for work on time with no problems on any of the train lines, I was feeling pretty good, but on my way to work, I saw a fox get run over by a car. Day. Ruined.

Of course, it can take more than roadkill or getting flashed by a homeless man in the subway to render that particular day a write-off. Sometimes, it's a piece of bad news, or a telling-off by your boss or significant other. Sometimes, it's butts. Wait, what?

Yeah. Apparently, the wrong kind of butt can ruin your day, especially if you're Joe Sweatpants - perhaps better known by his Twitter handle, @iamTruSpeech. Living up to his username, Sweatpants let it all out with no filter when he declared that girls "with no ass" would definitely ruin his day, complete with a disapproving picture of Jay Z. Burn.

Little did Sweatpants know, he was about to find out exactly how they felt, but not in relation to ruining the respective days of a group of men. Though I guess that Joe Sweatpants' day was somewhat ruined when he got absolutely roasted on Twitter for his super sexist comments.

It's fair to say that these girls don't feel too bad about their bodies, nor about how guys like Joe Sweatpants react to said bodies. You might even say that they feel pretty darn good about themselves. Let's hope that Sweatpants has learned his lesson, and that he tries extra hard not to let girls who don't have massive butts ruin his day.

In the meantime, I think this story is a pretty good example of what can happen when we all come together to stamp out not great opinions like this one.

At the end of the day, life can be a huge struggle, and we've got to find joy in whatever we can to help us smoothly pass through the days in good spirits. In the future, maybe we'll think twice about callously posting about other people's bodies, knowing that it has the potential to make a good day bad.

In the same way that some promising days can be ruined by undesirable body types (or more likely the crude comments of other people), some terrible days can be rescued by random people giving you the opportunity to feel good about yourself. Like the Twitter users above, be sure to take those opportunities, folks.