Lesego Legobane took down a body shamer in the best way

Lesego Legobane took down a body shamer in the best way

When it comes to social media body shaming and the surrounding social media chaos and news, some stand out more than others. Surely, this the mother of all 'clapbacks'. The woman who was insulted went so viral that she basically gained an international career and profile overnight, after being a model in South Africa grinding for years.

A Twitter user posted a meme comparing two women, joking that only women who aren't slim want to date him, whereas women he finds attractive are always overlooking him.

That is, until the woman in the photo he deemed ugly, who is actually a plus-size model in South Africa, found the tweet and chimed in herself to set the record straight:

Thick Leeyonce, whose real name is Lesego Legobane, (badass name) captivated the internet with this response. Her massively successful tweet earned over 900,000 likes and almost 300,000 retweets. She was asked for an interview with Teen Vogue, and was covered in dozens of publications. Now, she has over 88,000 followers. It seemed that a brush with fat-shaming was exactly what it took to make people notice her. Kind of messed up, but that's how marketing works. Sometimes you have to endure some nonsense to finally get famous.

Lesego's Twitter handle, thickleeyonce, implies that she's quite okay with her body, and isn't looking to change. She doesn't need to alter herself in any way, and now she's gained fame for it. Good for her. She's thick, she compares herself to Beyonce - she's doing well.

So, what more is there to say? Lesego will likely gain a lot of career steam after this, and her upcoming Teen Vogue interview will supply a lot of good quotes for people to mull over. This was a real blessing for a young model on the come up, turning ash into gold, insult into gain. Genius.

Anyway, body shaming is everywhere and you're going to see a lot more of it forever until the ends of time, which will produce a clapback feedback loop and a self-perpetuating economy of misogyny, outrage and fame. It's like the Hegelian dialectic - there's an idea, an idea that counters it, and the synthesis of those two ideas.

Idea one - women's bodies should be held to a single attractive standard.

Idea two - women's bodies can look however they want and you have no right to mock them.

Synthesis - make women who get mocked famous and shame their mockers on social media.

There you go. Now you know something about Hegel, just from clicking on an article about a social media clapback. Good stuff, right?

Lesego Legobane (still an awesome name, straight out of Tolkein) will surely have a long and promising career ahead of her. The same may not be said of the man who initially tweeted this meme. But, at the end of the day, I'm not sure he thought of her as a real person, who could find his meme and comment on it. He was just looking for a cheap joke. But she was real, and she came for him.