Woman pins down 'sex pest' in the street

Woman pins down 'sex pest' in the street

In the wake of various sexual harassment scandals coming to light in Hollywood, many people have been asking why incidents aren't reported more often.

The answer to that question is obviously very complex, and will vary from case to case. However, in a vast majority of incidents, people tend to stay quiet about cases of abuse or sexual assault because they feel powerless against the perpetrator, and the trend of victim-blaming further deters individuals from coming forward with their stories.

That being said, sometimes people to find the courage to stand up against their attackers - as demonstrated by one bizarre incident in Brazil.

Footage of the incident, which shows a young woman pinning down a man who had been harassing her, first garnered a lot of attention when it was posted online last year. Due to the somewhat explicit nature of the video, it had to be taken down, but - because of the recent interest in sexual harassment cases and how common they can be - the clip has re-emerged.

During the minute-long video, the woman can be seen hurling abuse at a man on the floor. Allegedly, she had been handing out flyers, and the man had continued to harass her while she was trying to do her job. After becoming impatient with the harasser, she pushed him to the ground and pinned him with her foot, saying, she had been "touched and sexually harassed while just doing her job."

But that was only the start of it.

While on the ground, the alleged assailant claims that he did nothing wrong, and tells her he was simply out shopping with his wife.

However, the woman is having none of it, and shouts: "I'm fed up being treated like a sex object. Is it boobs you want?"

Then, in front of a fair-sized crowd, she suddenly whips off her shirt and pulls down the top that was underneath it, exposing herself not only to the man, but also to everyone who had gathered to witness the scene. That alone would have been a statement enough, but she wasn't done quite yet.

In a surprisingly intimidating fashion, the woman then clambers on top of the man and begins whacking him around the face with her bare chest - an ordeal which he obviously does not enjoy at all.

People who observed the bizarre interaction had mixed opinions on the woman's choice to strip down and literally smack the guy in the face with her breasts, with some thinking that her actions were courageous, and others believing that they were downright inconsiderate to everybody else present.

One woman can even be heard shouting from the crowd: "This is absurd, there is no justification for doing this. How can you do this in front of children in the city centre? You're disrespecting women with your actions."

Ironically, her words are arguably more befitting of the assailant than the woman - but that was the whole point of the scene: to show how women are held to different standards to men, and to educate people on the importance of respecting women and their space.

Yes, unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately) the whole incident was staged by a theatre company to highlight how inappropriate it is to make sexual advances to somebody who clearly does not want them.

Fausto Ribeiro, the director of the group who created the performance, said:

"We wanted to expose and address something that happens every day to our sisters and female friends.This was meant to challenge people's perceptions and empower women with the shock tactic of retaliation. We wanted to force men to think more responsibly about their actions and the consequences."

Well, I think it worked.