Women in Taiwan have figured out how to eat with lipstick on, and it's amazing

Women in Taiwan have figured out how to eat with lipstick on, and it's amazing

I don't know about you, but my desire to look good is completely squandered by my desire to shovel great amounts of food into my facehole. Not only are my efforts to fit into nice suits and jeans thwarted by my love of pizza and ever-expanding waistline, but many a date has been ruined by my refusal to share food or engage in anything other than stuffing myself.

Of course, I'd imagine it would be a similar story for women, and one thing I have always wondered about is how on earth they manage to enjoy food without ruining their lipstick or getting lipstick marks all over their pizza slices or bowls of pasta. Of course, there's special lipsticks or constant reapplication, but those sound like expensive, time-consuming options. What if you wanted something simpler?

Step forward, the women of Taiwan. They've figured out a priceless life hack for all of those eating girls who also like to look great, and it's hilarious as it is awkwardly effective. To avoid ruining your lipstick every time you get hungry, just follow the women in this video: open your mouth really wide, pull your lips back, and go bug-eyed for extra width.

Seems simple, doesn't it? I don't know when I'll wear lipstick next, but when I do, I guarantee I'll be using this hack. Although this particular video came from the 9GAG Facebook page, the hack originally materialised on a Taiwanese Facebook page, where it picked up more than a million views.

Unsurprisingly, the internet loved it, and there were plenty of positive comments from women who suffer through exactly the same thing every day.

So how exactly did this trend start? Turns out, in China there's a video app known as Dou Yin, which is kind of like a mix between Vine, Snapchat and Spotify, where people can record 15-second music videos over popular songs and add various filters over the top.

There's also a challenges section, and over the past couple of weeks, the challenge taking Dou Yin by storm was called "My Big Mouth Never Stains The Cup". Now, this challenge involved using the Big Mouth filter on Dou Yin to perform a variety of tasks, like drinking water. Eventually, that challenge was extended to food, and a viral sensation was born. Soon, everyone - and I mean everyone - was taking part.

Well, there you have it folks. I know it can be hard to fill your stomachs with so much lipstick on, but now, you no longer have to go through the arduous process of constantly eating and reapplying. The solution is here, and it's made in Taiwan - just open your mouth as wide as you can.

Even better, not only do you get an extremely useful life hack, you also get a little viral story too. What's not to like about that?