15 Museum visitors whose outfits accidentally matched up with the art

15 Museum visitors whose outfits accidentally matched up with the art

I tend not to think too much about what I'll wear when I take a trip to an art gallery or a museum. As long as I show up in a respectable fashion that allows me not to look like I've just stumbled in off the street, I'll pretty much throw on whatever I like. I'd imagine you're quite the same. And why shouldn't you be?

Every now and again, though, as people get dressed in anticipation of viewing a painting or sculpture, something amazing will happen. It won't be readily apparent until after some time; once they've travelled to their desired museum, got through the gates (maybe having paid an admission fee) and sampled a few of the paintings. Their outfits will match up perfectly with the art! How often does that happen? As you're about to see, more than you think.

1. Not going to lie, it took me a couple of seconds to spot her

2. She's having a great time

3. Bright colouring to go with a bright painting

4. He looks like he's being scolded by the stern man in the painting

5. These two are delighted with the colour synergy

6. He's making sure to get a photo of this, and we're glad we got a photo of him getting a photo

7. Her blue hair blends in perfectly with this nighttime scene

8. There's a lot going on in this one

9. I wonder what they're doing here

10. He's not impressed with this piccolo-playing portrait

10. Not only do her clothes match with the art, her hair matches with the frame!

11. This flowery dress really matches with the idyllic pond scene

12. Intently watching the scene in front of him

13. Who wore it better?

14. She's intently taking notes

15. A romantic beachside scene, accompanied (and 

Well, there you have it, folks. Sometimes, paintings and sculptures aren't necessarily the best place for some great art. Sometimes, it's the art connoisseurs that attend that make an exhibition special, even when it's in an unintended fashion. I hope you've all learned something from this weird and wonderful observational art.