Amazon is selling a DIY backyard guest house that can be built in eight hours

Amazon is selling a DIY backyard guest house that can be built in eight hours

The wonder that is modern technology means that we can now build an entire house ourselves - and it only takes eight hours!

Those in need of some extra space - and willing to undertake a rather intense DIY project - should head to Amazon stat, and check out the Allwood Solvolla Studio Cabin Kit.

The set, which quickly went viral, comes with everything you need to create a 172-square-foot-home. The finished result can be used as a potting shed, a pool house, an office or a guest house.

Eighty six square feet are comprised of an indoor area, while the remainder of the square footage is an outdoors, covered patio, which would be ideal for an al fresco dining situation.

amazon Credit: Amazon

If you're looking into purchasing the studio cabin, you may want to enlist the help of a friend, as the description on Amazon states that it will take two adults a whole eight hours to build it.

While a bathroom is not included in the kit, the Allwood Outlet details that "adding one is not difficult", as DIY bathroom kits are also available to purchase.

The illustration also shows you'll need to construct a foundation, but this is actually more simple than it seems, as the company says that a concrete slab or a gravel-and-wood beam base is more than sufficient.

Credit: Amazon

According to Amazon, everything needed to build the mini-home is included in the $7,250 price tag. But if you want to add electricity or other utilities, you'll have to fork out for that yourself.

This looks like the perfect DIY project for summer!

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