This artist combines two unexpected objects to create stunning images

This artist combines two unexpected objects to create stunning images

Sometimes with all the negativity in the world, it can be hard to see the beauty in the things that surround us. While we're lucky to be alive at any given moment, the rise of technology, particularly mobile technology, has made us all guilty of living our lives through our screens rather than absorbing what is going on around us.

Randy Lewis is an American graphic designer who is trying to put a bit of fun back into the world. Lewis, from California, uses Photoshop to merge two items together in order to create visually stunning and realistic images. Randy usually takes inspiration from the name of the object, e.g a watermelon, in order to create the images but sometimes he decides to use things that just look alike. Take a look at some of the best below.

1. I know what I'm buying for my garden. 

2. The best type of medication

3. That is going to be one crunchy bun

4. Welcome to heaven

5. Coming to a toy shop near you

6. Lovely, smelly breath

7. Cauliflower just became a whole lot tastier

8. The most refreshing melon on the market

9. If you think this looks nice, you're a freak

10. Please keep off the grass

11. Not the most appetising lolly

12. Will he turn into a prince?


14. Is that the size of a horse or a fly?

15. I bet that cost a lot at the cinema

16. Kylie Jenner looks different nowadays

As I'm sure you'll agree, these images are as stunning as they are clever. A few of them are so realistic, that I had to do a double-take when I first saw them. If they haven't made you want to look up and away from your screen, then check out these shows that you should definitely be watching right now.