This dad turns his sons' drawings into anime characters and the results are incredible

This dad turns his sons' drawings into anime characters and the results are incredible

Father and son activities usually go something along the lines of fishing trips, throwing a ball in the backyard or reluctantly standing next to your father at the grill while he yabbers on about how to get the perfect charred crunch to your sausages (really, it's not as fine an art as you think).

But this one takes the cake. Thomas Romain is a French anime artist living in the anime capital of the world – Tokyo. He's worked on a number of different series, but in his spare time at home, he's been working on some pretty amazing stuff with his sons too.

His 11-year-old son Ryunosuke and 8-year-old Itsuki love drawing as well, and they like to create weird sci-fi characters in particular. And now – in what's probably the best father-son bonding activity ever – they're working together on what Thomas calls the Father And Sons Design Workshop, where his kids come up with their crazy ideas, and he executes them in his signature anime style.

The results are brilliant, mixing the fine skill of Thomas's watercolour techniques with the often hilarious and always whacky imaginations of his kids. Here, take a look and see for yourself.

1. This "Cloud Guardian"

2. Is that a Jack-O'-Lantern sword?

3. The detail on both images is amazing!

4. This one looks especially creepy

5. Looks like a relative of Buzz Lightyear

6. This one's kinda cute

7. Nice hoverboard!

8. Whoa

9. A three-eyed and three-legged bird

10. Not what I expected!

11. What an imagination (the lollipop is a nice touch)

12. He even figured out the pyramid head!

13. Nice texture detail from his son there

How cool must it be for Thomas' sons to see their drawings reinterpreted into a different style?! Those are some lucky kids, and Thomas must be real proud of the talent his sons are already showing. Maybe they'll go on to follow in his footsteps...