iPhone 8 has problems with splitting open according to #splitgate

iPhone 8 has problems with splitting open according to #splitgate

Another year, another iPhone. I actually did not know the iPhone 8 existed. I've heard so much about the iPhone X that I assumed Apple was skipping sequels right up to the big one. Little did I know, the iPhone 8 was released just a few weeks ago, on September 22nd. But I've done my homework since and I've come to investigate a kind of iPhone bug, a defect, a phenomena, entitled 'splitgate'.

Adding the prefix -gate to just about anything makes it a major crisis. But in this case, the iPhone 8, or at least, large batches of the iPhone 8, may have an issue where charging them actually makes the screen slit off from the rest of the phone. Like a balloon inflating and then bursting, the screen curves up, seeking freedom like a whale from the breach.

A batch of Japanese iPhone 8 devices have been found with the defective bulges and opening tears in the phones composition. A woman known as 'Ms. Wu' came forward to say that the 'splitting' began as soon as she plugged the phone in to charge, then it split further, until the screen was no longer attached to the device.

From ifeng, the issue is apparently being investigated by Apple:

"The phone belonged to a Ms. Wu, who recently renewed her phone contract and purchased a 64GB rose gold iPhone 8 Plus. The issue emerged five days after purchasing the phone. Wu placed her phone on charge, using the supplied cable and adaptor. After three minutes, she reported seeing the front panel bulge, and eventually lift completely from the device. According to multiple Taiwanese outlets, the phone was later recovered by the carrier, and has since been shipped to Apple for analysis."

Users in Taiwan and Japan have reported that charging the phones is what causes this 'swelling' of the phone, which then results in the 'split'.

“We are aware and are looking into it,” said Apple in a generic usual statement.

It is believed that battery swelling is what is behind splitgate. The lithium-ion battery inside your hone, if it gets overheated or bloated, can cause the whole phone to swell and split in half. If the battery compromised the structure of the case too badly, it can cause leaks or even explosions.

But don't get too flustered - no explosions or leaks have as yet been rerouted. The phones just swell up when you charge them and split pretty much in half. Apple will likely have some kind of solution, but if this happens to you, do take note.

The iPhone 8 will probably be cheaper and smaller than the iPhone X, and no creepy face scan either, so still consider one if waiting in line forever for a super-expensive phone isn't your thing. As for me, I'm still fine with my 6S. I never really notice much difference between iPhone iterations, but the 8 looks good, once these problems are solved.

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