New emoji list for 2018 finally includes redheads

New emoji list for 2018 finally includes redheads

The new emoji list for 2018 has been published, and it's the best day for redheads since International Kiss A Ginger Day. After being neglected for so long, those of you whose hair has been "kissed by fire" will finally have fair representation. You might not have souls, but at least you have emojis!

There are 2,666 emojis currently available on our phones, but as you all know, that is not nearly enough. (Frowny face.) Today the Unicode Consortium released the Emoji 11.0 set, which includes 77 brand new emojis - actually, 157, when you include differences in skin tone. (Happy face!)

But enough with these boring numbers - let's get to the new emojis!

First up, we have some faces, which will surely come in handy, as the Earth's weather gets crazier and crazier. There's a freezing face for the cold winter months, an overheated face for the sweltering summer, and a woozy face for when you cope with the extreme temperatures by getting totally wasted.

As previously mentioned, redheads finally get their day in the sun - and I hope they remember to wear sunblock. But they're not alone. There are options for everyone who goes natural, from curly hair to white hair to no hair at all. There's no option for those of us with pink mohawks and purple mullets, but it's only a matter of time.

The new food emojis include bagels, mooncakes, cupcakes, mangos and leafy greens. As always, we'll say we're eating the fruits and vegetables, while really, we're eating the sweet, sweet junk food.

It's another big year for superhero movies, from The Black Panther to Deadpool 2 to The Avengers: Infinity War. Now you can get into the spirit with superhero faces - or  supervillain faces, depending on your morals. Also, uh, there's a foot emoji and a leg emoji, for some reason. So, if you want to you to let your Tinder date know you have a foot fetish, or that you just shaved one of your legs, it's never been easier.

Science finally gets some love, with test tubes, petri dishes, DNA, magnets and microbes all appearing for the very first time. If Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr and Marie Curie were still alive, they would say, "YASSSSSSS KWEEN."

New animals include peacocks, llamas, lobsters, hippos, raccoons and kangaroos. David Attenborough will be pleased, and Gordon Ramsay will say that they all look delicious!

There's also some new activities, so you can finally tell your friends you're skateboarding, knitting a sweater, setting off firecrackers or sailing across the ocean with your fellow pirates, looking for sunken treasure. (We've all been there.)

You won't be able to use these emojis quite yet. These images are just samples; it's up to the software vendors at Google, Apple and Microsoft to interpret them and develop their own matching icons. Typically the new emoji options start appearing in phones by August or September. But hey, you've waited this long, redheads - what's a few more months? Happy texting.