Here are the new emojis coming to a phone near you

Here are the new emojis coming to a phone near you

Heck yes. If you've got an iPhone, then warm up your thumbs and get ready to peruse a whole new family of emojis. Apple announced this week that hundreds of new emojis are incoming to iPhones and iPads all over the world. I repeat: HUNDREDS.

Apple already released a preview of some of the new emojis on World Emoji Day (July 17, if you didn't know), where we were promised emojis that were more inclusive of diversity, including a woman in a headscarf, a person doing yoga, and a woman breastfeeding. Plus, they've finally promised us the sandwich emoji.

And now, Apple has revealed a whole new group of emojis to be released next week. Get excited because soon you'll be able to include all sorts of mythical creatures (even a mermaid!), plus lots of new animals, dinosaurs, faces, winter-themed items, and a head of broccoli into your messaging vocabulary. There'll be a range of gender-neutral characters, plus a new "Love You" gesture, modeled after the “I love you” hand sign in American Sign Language.

The new emojis will come with the new iOS 11.1, meaning you'll need to sign up to download Apple's public beta next week. If you don't want to download it, then you'll have to hang onto your hats and wait a couple more weeks for the software update to pop up on your iPhone or iPad.

So now, without further ado, we present you a selection of the new emoji's coming to iPhone's near you in the coming weeks.

Some things we'll be reaching for during the winter months:

That curling stone looks impressively realistic. Then there's a person who's just stepped out of the shower:

A perfectly folded dim sum:

This fabulous broccoli:

A mother breastfeeding:

A rock climber (note the attention to detail):

A woman with a headscarf:

A demonstration of lotus position:

Dinosaurs (yay!):

And also a big welcome to these fellas:

Then there are these mythical creatures, just in time for Halloween:

There's an inquisitve man with a monocle:

A new crazy face:

"Shhh", for when it's time to be petty:

And this cuss face, in retaliation:

Here are the gender-neutral characters, of all different ages:

Finally a takeout box:

These faces with frighteningly graphic details:

A bearded man:

A delicious, piping hot pie:

And a new hat to add to the collection:

So keep your eyes peeled and think twice before clicking "Remind me later" when a software update pops up on your phone next week. I know I'll have the "Shh" face in my Frequently Used catalog in no time.