The 'Safest Home in America' is now for sale

The 'Safest Home in America' is now for sale

What constitutes a "safe home" for you? For some people it's a place in the countryside, far away from civilization and potential criminals. For city people like me, it's somewhere busy and well-lit, where people can hear you scream if someone snuck into your house at night. Whatever your perception of what constitutes a "safe" building, there can be no doubt that the following house has to be one of the most secure we have ever seen.

Given the way the world is going at the moment, with nuclear war seemingly on the horizon alongside a host of catastrophic natural events, you can see why people are begin to prepare for the begin of the end. However, this house in Atlanta, which has gone onto the market recently, gives another meaning to the concept of a safe house.

The Rice House is situated in 3.5 acres of land just outside of Atlanta and although it contains a private theater, bowling alley and infinity pool, it also hides a lot more inside its walls.

All of the bedrooms in the house have ballistic doors which can withstand fire from an AK-47 assault rifle. The vault for the cars is big enough to contain 30 vehicles and has an entrance that has been designed to be concealed by a man made waterfall (like the batcave).

But more impressively, the house boasts secret doors which lead into a 15,000-square foot bunker that the owner could survive in for years. The bunker contains off-grid power as well as a water supply from three wells that have been drilled 1,000 feet into the ground. The house was designed by a security architect who spent two decades designing buildings for the U.S Department of Justice.

The listing of the home online claims that the house is "one of, if not the, safest home in America"

"This is a home where you could put a $20 million painting on the wall and sleep comfortably at night," said listing broker Paul Wegener, of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby's International Realty. "The same goes for your family."

The house took six years and $30 million to build and according to Wegener, the man behind the property simply built it for a laugh. "He said to me, 'If anyone wants to get me, they can find me at Chick-fil-A'".

"The mandate was the best of everything," Wegener said.

To help maintain the feeling of safety, the Rice House is situated inside Country Club of the South, a gated community northeast of central Atlanta. The house is priced at $14.7 million, making it one of the more expensive properties in the community, which features tennis and basketball courts as well as a golf course and concert venue.

Not done there, the community also has 24 hour security, although given the nature of the property, I'm not too sure the new owners will be too bothered about that.