Spotify is displaying its users' most embarrassing listening habits on huge billboards

Spotify is displaying its users' most embarrassing listening habits on huge billboards

There's gotta be a song or a playlist you listen to on the daily that even you admit is very cringe-worthy. I would say: "Never fear, no-one but you has access to the most secretive of your listening habits", but I can't. Because Spotify is looking for that exact data and publishing it to the world via a series of highly visible billboards.

It's very similar to their 2016 outdoor campaign which launched at the same time last year titled "Thanks 2016, it's been weird". It was their largest-ever global campaign and they used data from users all over the world to create hilarious messages about its users most embarrassing listening habits.

There was this one, where an avid Bieber fan clearly couldn't get enough on V-Day: 

Or the fact that this many dudes were getting in touch with their feminine side:

And now, the music streaming service has done it again in their "2018 Goals" campaign, again using listener data and using to to suggest a few new years resolutions for us all.

There was this one, reminding us all to be more inclusive: 

As well as this alarming reminder to be a little skeptical of your GP:

And this hilarious statistic about all the people deciding to make the most of their midweek morning:

As well as using these sets of very funny data, Spotify has also used the information to go down a more political route. It's a bold move, but also not surprising given the current state of things in terms of global politics.

On ad says: "Hit the dance floor with the person who made a playlist called 'DADDY PENCE COME DANCE'", a reference to the dance party protest that took place in opposition to the American vice president's stance on LGBT issues.

While another says, "Deliver burns as well as the person who streamed 'Bad Liar' 86 times the day Sean Spicer resigned." This one of course refers to when the White House Press Secretary straight after it was announced Anthony Scaramucci would be the new communications director back in July. "The Mooch" – who only lasted 10 days on the job – also got himself a spot on a different billboard.

"From the music that brought people together to the quirks and bizarre habits that make everyone individuals, Spotify once again provides a unique perspective about culture and major political moments," said the company, according to Billboards.

The Swedish company is running the outdoor campaign in 18 different markets around the world and has enlisted more than 70 artists including Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Dua Lipa, Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, Bruno Mars and Camila Cabello.

Here's one last picture of the brilliant campaign. Go on, I know you can't get enough.

Despite the unsettling reality that Spotify really does watch you and your listening habits very closely, at least we have been given a very entertaining set of billboards for the festive season. And you know what? We should be using these "2018 Goals" as inspo for next year.