Tinder release new feature that will increase your chances of success on the app

Tinder release new feature that will increase your chances of success on the app

Tinder is a bit of a, um, hellhole. Since men throw a wide net and women are far more selective, many men end up throwing some half-assed thirsty shots to hundreds of women, and depending on how badly socialized they are, those messages can look pretty creepy very often.

Tinder is working on ways to make its platform less toxic, but in an interesting paradox, making language less toxic means replacing language with images. A depersonalized Tinder is a safer Tinder.

A new set of reactions has been rolled out for use, expressing a variety of emotions. Among them are shocked disbelief, outrage, and an announcement that the 'ball is in your court'. These reactions are all image-based, so it's kind of like replying with a meme.

Now, you don't have to think up any replies to strangers shooting their message. Now, you just reply with an image reaction. No words; the pre-set emotional responses do the thinking for you.

The video below shows these reactions in all their glory:

Isn't this a bit troubling, though? I find it to be a fascinating microcosm of the world's direction that the response to harassment is to depersonalize and replace language with images. It seems to be a canary in the coal mines of digital excavation.

In the future, protest will simply be a thousand angry-react faces on Facebook floating in front of a video of Mark Zuckerberg talking. You're using his platform, stuck in his business model, using his preset emotional response to express dissatisfaction with him. It's a frightening microcosm. Will the angry-react face on Facebook be the next evolution of human language? God, I hope not.

Some of these reactions are sure to be useful, however. The "ball's in your court" seems to be good to express interest in talking to someone further, without necessarily directing the conversation. You want them to put something out there. So, that reaction could increase your odds of actually meeting with someone, as it makes it easy and stress-free to put that idea out there.

The other question is whether or not this will decrease gross messages and harassment on Tinder. And honestly, I don't see this doing anything to prevent that. It's like replying to a comment online with a gif. It doesn't really do anything. It's more like you need an auto-block feature or something, some way to respond with one click to remove someone totally from your matches and prevent them from seeing you again on the app.

What do you think? Will you be using these new reactions? Do you think they'll help you out? Or will people who use them start getting ignored, and it won't catch on? Who knows. Sound off in the comments!

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