Your iPhone has a secret file with all of your nudes hidden in it

Your iPhone has a secret file with all of your nudes hidden in it

There are many reasons to be frightened of new mobile phones: they can track where we go, they can be used for spying on us, and it is more than likely that they are the  place where you store all your "raunchy" photos. Living in the world we live in, where literally everything we do is through our phones, I have no doubt in my mind that you have sent a nude at some point in your life. Whatever form your nudes take, there's a high chance that, at some point, you've done it.

But while your nudes may seem safe, hidden away in the depths of the thousands of memes and screenshots that clog up your phone's memory and cause you to delete multiple apps because "I don't get why I have no memory left!!", there is actually a shortcut that can be taken to find all of them in one place. One saucy, sexy place.

So what do you have to do in order to do this? It's simple: go to you iPhone's photo app, click on the magnifying glass at the top of the screen and search the word "brasserie". There they are, all the nudes you have taken, stored away neatly in this little folder of all your dark secrets.

Sadly, I won't be sharing the contents of my phone with you as I'm not an idiot, but it's safe to say that the results were pretty startling. There they were: the nudes I've sent and the nudes that I've received. All of them. Staring right back at me. Why is there so much NSFW content on my phone? For some reason I couldn't help but feel a little bit disgusted with myself.

However, it's not all completely terrible, as the feature does have its uses. Say you're feeling a bit sad, and you know there's an image on your phone of your dog that will make you laugh. All you have to do is search for "dog" at the top of the app and there they will be, all the photos of dogs on your phone. Which if you're anything like me, is genuinely more than the amount of nudes that are on there.

A bunch of search terms can bring up your nudes, with words like "bath", "bed" and "mirror" bringing up results that you wouldn't want your mother to see. So what should we use this new found quirk for? On one hand it's great for when you're feeling a bit horny and want access to some x-rated material without having to trawl through copious porn before finding what you're after. But on the other hand, it is now easier than ever for your friends to find your private pictures and rinse you like never before.

So there you have it, another reason to fear people going through your phones. Next time you want to show your mom a new picture of that mirror you're thinking of buying for your bathroom, maybe think twice before you search it.