The promoter of the Competition is Jungle Creations Limited, trading as VT (“VT“). If you have any queries about the Competition or these terms and conditions then please contact us at Birmingham2022@junglecreations.com

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you make a nomination, you will be legally bound by these terms and conditions from the time you submit a nomination for the Competition. If you are nominated, you will be legally bound by these terms and conditions from the time you are contacted by VT and you agree to proceed with the Competition.

If you nominate someone for this Competition you are considered an “Applicant” for the purposes of these terms and conditions. You must nominate an individual (the “Nominee”). You must notify the Nominee that you have nominated them for this Competition. Each Nominee must agree to these terms and conditions.

Any personal information (including any contact details) supplied in connection with the Competition will be used, shared and retained as set out in the Privacy Notice of VT. In particular, we intend to share your personal information with the Birmingham Organising Committee for the 2022 Commonwealth Games Ltd (“Birmingham 2022“).


The Competition will open for nominations (“Nominations“) at [00:01] on Thursday 11th March 2021 and close for Nominations at 23:59 on Friday 2nd April 2021 (the “Closing Date“).

To make a Nomination, the Applicant must be a resident of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and over the age of 18 years old.

Any individual Nominee must be over the age of 18 years old and live and work in Birmingham or the West Midlands. Staff members of VT (and their relatives) or of Birmingham 2022 (and their relatives) and any other person involved in the Competition or the organisation of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (and their relatives) are not eligible to be nominated.

Eligibility requirements must be met on the Closing Date. VT reserves the right to verify the eligibility of any Applicant and any Nominee. VT may require such information as it considers reasonably necessary for this purpose.


Internet access is required to submit a Nomination.

To submit a Nomination for the Competition, the Applicant will need to visit the website at vt.co/spotlightyou complete the ‘Spotlight You’ nomination form and submit the form nominating your Nominee to the ‘Spotlight You’ webpage.

On the Nomination, the Applicant will need to nominate a Nominee who meets the eligibility criteria set out above. You are welcome to nominate an individual who:

  • does amazing things for their community within the West Midlands;
  • in the opinion of the Applicant, has an incredible story to tell;
  • in the opinion of the Applicant, is deserving of winning the Competition; and
  • will not bring VT or Birmingham 2022 into disrepute.

The Applicant will need to provide all information requested in the nomination form, and must include the following information in a clear, legible form:

  • the Applicant’s contact details (full name, email address and telephone number); and
  • the full name, age, location and social media handles (if applicable) of the Nominee (full name).

The Applicant is entitled to nominate themselves.

Please note that if we are not able to contact the Nominee (because we do not have contact information or the contact information is not correct), then we reserve the right to exclude them from the Competition.

If you are the Applicant completing the nomination form, then you must confirm that you have notified your Nominee that:

  • you have nominated them for the Competition;
  • that you have given VT details about the Nominee's achievements as the basis for their Nomination which may include information about their physical or mental health or conditions, sexual life, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or similar beliefs or trade union membership; and
  • the Nominee may be contacted directly by VT in relation to matters relating to the Competition.

As the Applicant, you must also not include anything in your Nomination about the commission or alleged commission of any offence by an individual or any proceedings for any offence committed or alleged to have been committed by any individual (or the findings or sentence of any court, including ex-convict status).

VT reserve the right to disqualify late or illegible Nominations. VT cannot take any responsibility for any technical failure or malfunction, including but not limited to the failure or delay of any website services, which may result in any Nomination being lost or not properly registered or recorded.


VT reserves the right to disqualify any Nominations if they:

  • are nominations submitted using automated means – e.g. a computer program, script or device, or any other method or technique designed to unfairly increase the chances of a Nominee winning the Competition;
  • are submitted in bulk by any third party;
  • made in breach of these terms and conditions;
  • are nominating individuals who are ineligible under these terms and conditions;
  • include information that is considered Special Categories of Data, regarding the commission or alleged commission of any offence, or any proceedings for any offence committed or alleged to have been committed by any individual (or the findings or sentence of any court);
  • relate to a Nominee who does not, if and when contacted by VT, agree to participate in the process on the basis of these terms and conditions, and any applicable requirements of VT;
  • are deemed, by VT or Birmingham 2022, to include inappropriate, discriminatory, illegal or offensive content;
  • are duplicates or not legitimate;
  • are dishonest Nominations; and
  • in the reasonable opinion of VT or Birmingham 2022, do not constitute a positive endorsement of a Nominee or would bring VT or Birmingham 2022 into disrepute.

As the Applicant, you shall ensure, as far as is possible, that you do not make any Nomination referred to in this section.


A maximum of six (6) Nominations will be shortlisted from all eligible Nominees on whose behalf a Nomination has been submitted by an eligible Applicant (and whose Nomination has not been disqualified at the screening stage in accordance with these terms and conditions) (the “Selected Nominees“).

The Selected Nominees will be shortlisted by a panel consisting of VT staff and consultants including at least one (1) independent judge. The Selected Nominees will be the Nominations, which, in the opinion of the judges, best reflect the shortlisting criteria:

  • the level of impact on individuals and/or their local community; and
  • the extent of personal sacrifices or commitment made.

VT will notify the Applicants who nominated each Selected Nominee by telephone and/or email using the contact details provided on the Nomination. The Applicant must then provide the Selected Nominee’s contact details (telephone number) and confirm the Selected Nominee is happy to proceed with the Competition in order for VT to contact the Selected Nominee.

The Selected Nominees will then be notified by telephone or email using the contact details provided by the Applicant (the “Notification“). The Selected Nominees must:

  • confirm their acceptance of these terms and conditions in writing and confirm that they are happy to take part in this Competition;
  • provide their email address; and
  • provide such other documentation as VT may reasonably request to confirm their eligibility to participate in the Competition.

VT may undertake background checks on the Selected Nominees. The purpose of the background checks is to ensure that all Selected Nominees proceeding in the process will be a positive role model suitable for selection as a ‘Spotlight You’ who would not be likely to adversely affect the reputation of VT, Birmingham 2022 or the ‘Spotlight You’ campaign. If this is required, the Selected Nominees will be asked to sign a consent form at the time. Information discovered or that may have been disclosed by the Applicant will inform the decision as to the continuation of the Selected Nominees (which shall be at the judging panel’s sole discretion).

Subject to the Selected Nominees conforming with this section and satisfactorily passing a background check, the Selected Nominees will have the opportunity to participate in the VT Spotlight You campaign, to the extent determined by VT and Birmingham 2022 (in their sole discretion). To do so, the Selected Nominees must:

  • sign any additional documentation that may be required in connection with this Competition, such as, but not limited to, declarations for security, health and safety, confidentiality, consent forms or publicity releases;
  • agree to be included in VT and Birmingham 2022 promotional material, including (strictly to the extent required by and in the discretion of VT and Birmingham 2022) being photographed, filmed and interviewed by VT or Birmingham 2022 in order to create content for an upcoming campaign for the purpose of publicising Birmingham 2022. Content may also be used on the VT and/or Birmingham 2022 website and social media channels. Some of the Selected Nominees will be selected for "hero mini documentaries" (mini documentaries activated on VT cross-platform as in-feed posts) and others solely for short form stories on VT's social media; and
  • confirm they will take part in publicity following their nomination as required,

by a date advised by VT. If any Selected Nominee does not comply with their obligations, then VT reserves the right to select a replacement Selected Nominee from the pool of eligible Nominees on the same basis as the original Selected Nominees.

VT is not responsible for any delay or failure to receive the Notification for any reason, including inactive or incorrect telephone details. It is the Applicant’s and the Nominee’s responsibility to provide accurate contact details and check messages.

All Selected Nominees shall be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits the disclosure of any information in relation to the Competition. Failure to comply with this important obligation will result in immediate withdrawal from the Competition.

The Selected Nominees will be notified by a date which is no later than 7th April 2021.

Each Selected Nominee must be available, on reasonable notice, for publicity purposes with VT and/or Birmingham 2022 between 5th April and 23rd April 2021.


If an Applicant or Nominee is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made to do so, and/or is unable to attend the filming and/or is found to be in breach of the rules and/or does not provide the required documentation in accordance with these terms and conditions, VT reserves the right to offer their place to the next best Nominee.

Any decision of VT as to eligibility to submit a Nomination or to take part in the Competition, or as to the Selected Nominees, will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

VT accepts no responsibility for Nominations that are incomplete, delayed, lost, damaged or unreadable/unviewable whether due to failure or non-availability of the website, the submission of incomplete information or any other reason.

VT reserves the right to delay, postpone or cancel the Competition in the event of circumstances outside its reasonable control, which it considers make it necessary for it to do so.

The names of the Selected Nominees will (unless a Selected Nominee has objected on lawful grounds) be available at VT.co/spotlightyou for at least 60 days after the public announcement of the Selected Nominees.

The Competition and these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales. If the Applicant is a resident of Northern Ireland, Scotland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, then they will additionally be entitled to bring an action in their home court.

Promoter's details: Jungle Creations Limited of 6 Batty Street, London, England, E1 1RH.