Woman has totally rational reaction to being forced to wait for fries at McDonald's

Woman has totally rational reaction to being forced to wait for fries at McDonald's

We all love fast food, don't we? While some of you out there may firmly advocate for a nice restaurant evening out or a good old home-cooked meal, I think there's nothing better than a juicy burger, cheesy pizza or a bucket of fried chicken. I'm sure you get where I'm coming from.

Here at VT Food Envy, we love our fast food a lot. Like most of you, I'm sure - but there are certain moments where the experience is decidedly less than what it should be, and that can be really annoying. Wrong orders, stale food and strange foreign objects in our meals are all pains in their own right, but there's one thing that happens more than it really should.

The whole point of fast food, of course, is that not only is it cheap, but it's fast. It's right there in the name, guys. So when you're hanging around the drive thru for way too long as the rumble in your stomach gets louder and louder, it's understandable - justified, even - for you to get a little upset.

That being said, it would be a slight overreaction to get this upset over a long wait at McDonald's. Delicious as their various offerings are, could you really see yourself pulling a gun over fast food? I hope the answer's no, but if it's yes, then perhaps you're the lady on the run after doing exactly that at a branch in Albany, New York.

The New York Post reveals via Officer Steve Smith that this as-yet-unidentified woman pulled up to a drive-thru, and ordered her food. After waiting for about two minutes, she was informed by the staff that she'd have to wait a little bit longer for a batch of small fries, and that she'd have to pull into in the parking lot to do so, since there was a line.

Pretty standard so far, it seems, but the franchise's manager, Robin Perez, says that the woman in question here did not respond kindly to being told to wait in the parking lot. “She was like ‘f**k you!’” 27-year-old Perez revealed. “She was very upset and wouldn’t park. She was arguing and called my employee a f****t.”

Not very nice at all, and this impatient fast food lover was about to get even more belligerent. First, she threw a slushie she happened to be carrying with her at the drive-thru window, before parking, walking into the restaurant and telling an employee “I’m going to come back for you” - kind of like the Terminator, if Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyborg was out to destroy a small portion of fries instead of Sarah Connor.

The employee responded, as you would, by warning the woman they were calling the cops. While this mystery woman didn't crash her car into the restaurant, she did go back into the car to pull out a black handgun, and police say she pointed it at the branch's manager.

“I was very scared,” Perez said. “I’m new to Albany. We don’t deal with this in Massachusetts. It was quite intense. Everyone was shaken up.” After that, the woman's female friend had to intervene and calm her down, before they both drove off, without the fries in tow.

At the moment, cops are still on the lookout for this very angry woman, combing through surveillance footage in an attempt to bring her in. She's been described as a black female in her mid-to-late 20s, standing at five feet eight inches and about 130 pounds.