Woman left humiliated after staff at popular coffee chain 'laughed at her name'

Woman left humiliated after staff at popular coffee chain 'laughed at her name'

Anyone who has been on the hunt for jobs knows it can be a demeaning and exhausting experience. Putting all your effort into cover letters, applications and interviews only to get radio silence or automated rejection emails isn't exactly the best way to build your self-confidence.

It doesn't help that for millennials and generation Y, the job market is in a pretty poor state for them to start off their career, leaving them working on unpaid internships and hoping to get paid to do anything rather than looking for what they actually want to do. So, it goes a long way when potential employers let you down easy, or simply treat you with a little respect.

One Welsh teenager was treated nicely enough when she recently applied to work at a Costa cafe, but soon after felt "humiliated" by the interaction - or at least, what happened afterwards.

Jordanna Ellsmore, 17, applied for a job at her local Costa in South Wales, handing in her CV at the beginning of this month. She spoke to one staff member, who told her they were not hiring at the time but would see if they could find some hours for her. After she left, however, one of Jordanna's friends apparently overheard staff speaking about her.

"I was in Costa when you came in asking for a job," the friend messaged her to say. "As soon as you walked out they all started taking the piss out of your name, saying that your name lets you down and that they won't hire someone with a name like that."

Jordanna was upset by this revelation after putting herself on the line, and described how she reacted to this news:

"I was honestly humiliated. I'm only 17 and I didn't understand that that stuff happened. I know it's a weird name, but it's not very nice.

"Since then I've been hired and one of the first things my manager said was how much of a lovely name I had. It was a horrible thing to say."

After this story spread, Costa Coffee were contacted about what had happened, and has apparently spoken to the staff in question. A spokesperson for the company said:

"We've spoken with the team locally who are really upset to learn they had offended a potential new team member.

"The team were joking about another team member called Jordan in the store and it was absolutely not their intention to cause any distress or upset. The area manager has since been in touch with Jordanna directly to apologised for any offence caused."

It seems like this was all a big misunderstanding, if Costa are to be believed. At the end of the day, there have been far more serious incidents that have gone down in coffee chains in 2018, and it's not as if they made fun of the name to her face. But it's always wise to treat everyone with respect when you're working in a customer-facing role.