Woman jokingly called a guy's dog 'gay' and things escalated super quickly

Woman jokingly called a guy's dog 'gay' and things escalated super quickly

Folks, a quick biology lesson for you here: a lot of animals are totally gay. Ducks are gay. Lions are gay. Elephants are gay. Even some fish are gay. Not all of them, obviously (otherwise there wouldn't be any of them left), but enough of them exhibit homosexual behaviour to be considered a species that has - for want of a better term - a minority gay demographic amongst the wider heterosexual majority.

You know, just like people.

Anyway, dogs appear on the vast list of species that engage in same-sex activity with one another, and so it's not unreasonable at all to suggest that a pooch might, uh, play fetch for the other team.

However, when one woman jokingly suggested to a guy over text that his new puppy might be gay, he snapped.

puppies Credit: Pexels

Posting about the incident on social media, Twitter user Chaselyn shared some screenshots of some messages that her friend, Amy, had exchanged with a guy she'd been talking to. The conversation started out fairly innocently, with the man (who bizarrely was saved as "maybe: Eric" on the friend's phone) suggesting that Amy should get a "girl version" of his new Italian Greyhound puppy so that the pair could "take them out".

But when Amy suggested that the dog could be gay, and therefore not interested in hanging out with a female puppy, 'Maybe Eric' flipped his lid.

"He is definitely not gay," he said, before later going on to add: "I don’t believe in that silly s**t anyway."

Then, when Amy said that this response sounded kinda homophobic, Maybe Eric went OFF.

"You must be slow," he said. "You’re calling my dog gay when you don’t know me and you don’t know him. You’re forcing the f**king idea of him being gay when that was never being spoken about. So stop trying to impose your ideas on my life and my animal. Period."

Now, let's backtrack a minute and remind ourselves that it was actually Maybe Eric who suggested that his pet was interested in girl dogs when he brought up the subject - so he had already "imposed [his] ideas" on his animal. Chaselyn's friend was simply doing the exact same thing, only she was suggesting that the dog could possibly - not even definitely - be into boy dogs.

So, in that context, Maybe Eric is looking sorta bigoted right now. And the whole internet let him know it.

Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to share images of their adorable gay dogs.

And for anyone who is sitting there thinking, "Well, the dog probably isn't gay" - that's not the issue. The real problem is that Maybe Eric had no problem whatsoever with assuming his dog is straight, but even the mere suggestion that he might be gay caused him to fly off the handle.

Sure, it seems funny to laugh at a guy losing his s**t over the idea that his dog likes other boy dogs, but this is the same kind of attitude that a lot of us still have towards other human beings. We're fine with suggesting that little girls and boys are going to grow up to be straight, but as soon as anyone says that they might not be, they get accused of imposing some kind of agenda. And it sucks.

There isn't anything wrong or unnatural about being gay - not if you're a dog, not if you're a person, and not if you're, I don't know, a cow, or something - so, if the notion that your pet might be queer freaks you out as it did with Maybe Eric: you're homophobic.

And Maybe Eric, if you're reading this: chill out, dude.