This cat and dog go on adventures together and their travel photos are adorable

Typically, you don't think about cats and dogs as two animals who are able to get on with one another. Chance encounters between the two usually end up with some barking and aggressive yowling, while the movie Cats & Dogs was just one of the examples of the longstanding feud between the two most common pets in the world.

Most cats and dogs, however, aren't Henry the dog and Baloo the rescue kitten. Given a loving home by Cynthia Bennett, Henry and Baloo often accompany their human on their various adventures. Here are some of the travel photos. They're pretty great.

1. Overlooking the lake

2. Hanging out in the bushes

3. Here are Henry and Baloo with their mom Cynthia

4. Taking a little nap

5. The "Cat Hat"

6. Baloo is clearly looking for a cuddle

7. Wrapped up nice and warm

8. Standing strong in the desert

9. Camping out in the long grass

10. Dinosaur costumes

11. Henry is enjoying the ride

12. Tired after a long hike

13. Cozy in a blanket

14. Chilling in a tent

15. Fast asleep in a sleeping bag

Wow! I don't know about you guys, but I feel like these two animals are having the best time, and I'm a little jealous I don't get to go on their adventures with them.