This raccoon ate so much that he got stuck in a sewer grate

Racoons get a bad rap. Stereotyped as bandits like the Hamburglar, they are considered rabid or frightening garbage-dwellers, though often they are just as cute and relatable as any household pet. Small furry mammals activate a certain part of us that wants to be kind, nurturing and welcoming. It's almost as if there's a common mammalian empathy that we don't share with reptiles, but can impart to little critters like the raccoon, with its bushy banded tail and propensity for human junk food.

This raccoon, however, activated the empathy of the Zion Public Works and Animal Control, in the city of Chicago. The poor guy got so full that he trapped himself in a sewer grate, too fat to squeeze out. [Insert Pennywise the clown joke here]

You can see the full Facebook rescue video here:

Aw, well it's good that he got out. What do you think of this? Do you judge raccoons, or do you love 'em like the furry cat-rodent-dog-hyena hybrids they are?