Chrissy Teigen blasted for nude photograph she posted on Instagram

Chrissy Teigen blasted for nude photograph she posted on Instagram

Chrissy Teigen is, for many, the queen of Twitter. Despite being both a celebrity in her own right for her modelling work and half of one of show business' ultimate power couples, she often makes headlines for her tweets, whether they are elaborate stories or more relatable statements that her fans can get on board with.

Her career has understandably slowed down after the news that she was pregnant with her second child. Along with her husband, musician John Legend, she already has a one-year-old daughter, Luna. In an adorable Instagram daughter towards the end of 2017, she revealed that she was pregnant to the world with a message from her and Luna.

"Luna, what's in here?" she asks her daughter in the video, while pointing to her stomach. "Baby!" Luna replied. She then added the caption "It's John's", for anyone who hadn't got it already.

She had hinted that it would be a boy in the past, as well. In January last year, she spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the prospect of expanding her family. "Oh my God, a little boy is next for sure," she said, later tweeting to clarify: "Since this is coming up again, I said our next baby would be a boy because that is the embryo we have left. A boy. So. Yeah."

Showing she's in competition to be the queen of Instagram as well as Twitter, she then posted a glimpse of her baby bump on Instagram in January of this year. Captioning the photo with "Girls weekend", the 32-year-old gained over 1.2 million likes and nearly 5,000 comments for this shot:

But while she has an army of fans to her name, not everyone was pleased with her latest post on the photo-sharing website. As many of you will know, as well as modelling, Teigen is a pretty accomplished cook too. Not only is she the author of a cookbook, but her social media is always full of kitchen content.

She has posted plenty of photos of her home cooking in the past, but this time it was a bit different. With a caption that read "plz don't shame me", she added: "I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to save my life". What was out of the ordinary, however, was the fact that she was completely nude in the photo.

While her boobs were censored (by salad bowl emojis, no less) and she was wearing a towel around her waist, some people took issue with the idea.

Credit: Instagram

However, she did receive plenty of support from the more positive commenters. "I just admire her confidence," one fan wrote, "and how she is so freely herself on social media despite having so many judgmental eyes on her". Another added: "why are you not a comedian? You're hilarious".

It all seems like a bit of harmless fun to me, after all - it's not like she's frying anything, right?