Blake Lively's daughter absolutely roasted her mom's outfit and being savage is clearly a family trait

Blake Lively's daughter absolutely roasted her mom's outfit and being savage is clearly a family trait

There's no doubt about it: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the epitome of #CoupleGoals.

Never has there been a celebrity coupling that is so flawless, yet appear to be so down-to-earth. I mean, not only have the pair won the genetic lottery, but they're also talented actors with a loaded bank account to boot. And while this may not exactly scream "relatable", when you watch Lively and Reynolds interact in interviews and on social media, they appear to be like any other loved-up couple, but with a penchant for absolutely roasting each other.

It all began began last year, when Reynolds took to Instagram to post a loving ode to Blake on her 30th birthday. "Happy Birthday to my amazing wife," he captioned a photograph of himself and Lively. However, the actor couldn't miss an opportunity to troll his wife, and proceeded to crop the image until it was mostly of him... with a tiny bit of Blake.

But it appears that this brand of humour runs in the blood of the Lively-Reynolds, as their oldest daughter, James, has already started roasting Blake for her sartorial choices. And if this is what she's capable of at age three, we dread to think what her teenage years will hold...

Lively took to Instagram last week to share that her daughter had gotten considerably confused about her mum's outfit, or lack thereof. "True story: As the elevator closed my daughter yelled after me, 'Oh no mama, you forgot your pants'", the actor wrote.

Now, while we're sure that this has more to do with toddlers being unable to grasp what's currently trending in the world of fashion, it sure is hilarious given that James' parents have a propensity to rip into each other whenever the opportunity presents itself.

And certainly, Ryan Reynolds just had to weigh in, using the post to roast his wife's choice of footwear. "I want my boots back," the Deadpool actor commented.

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Blake Lively recently opened up about one of the reasons why her marriage to Ryan Reynolds is so successful, and it has something to do with understanding how "bizarre" the entertainment industry is. "In general, it's nice to have someone who understands what you're doing," she said on a segment of Good Morning America last month. "Especially because our job is so weird—you have to be 'married' to other people, it's all so strange. It's never normal, even when you're both doing it."

But despite both being Hollywood A-listers, Reynolds and Lively overlooked each other until 2010, when they worked on the DC superhero flick, Green Lantern. They managed to be "just friends" for a few years before marrying in 2012 in a top-secret wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. They have two daughters, three-year-old prankster, James, and one-year-old, Ines.

And they just go to show that the family that roasts together, stays together.

In other news, Ryan Reynolds has posted a fierce response to a troll who criticised Make-A-Wish kids on the set of Deadpool 2.