Couple invites Tom Hanks to their wedding and gets an amazing response

Couple invites Tom Hanks to their wedding and gets an amazing response

When you plan a wedding, you want to invite your family, your closest friends, a few co-workers, and of course, two time Academy-Award-winning actor Tom Hanks. I mean, who doesn't like him? He's starred in so many classic films, from Forrest Gump to Cast Away to Saving Private Ryan. On top of all that, he seems like a nice guy, and is pretty funny on Saturday Night Live. Imagine if he could attend your wedding as David S. Pumpkins.

Okay, it's unlikely a big celebrity like Tom Hanks would come to a random person's wedding. Bill Murray, sure, he's weird like that. But Tom Hanks? Never. However, Tennessee couple Kirsten Jerkins and Joe Dobrin decided to send him an invite. They're getting married in May, and consider themselves "super fans" of the movie star. "I grew up idolizing him," said Kristen, in an interview with The Today Show. "It was my idea to write him. My fiancé kind of giggled at me, but my mom always said ‘You never know, if you never ask,’ so I thought I’d try and see if he would say anything back." (I hope they included a plus one so he could bring his best friend, Wilson the volleyball.)

Tom Hanks Letter Credit: Kirsten Jerkins and Joe Dobrin

When you write to a celebrity, it's unlikely you're going to hear back. Movie stars get a lot of letters from star-struck fans, and it's impossible to respond to every one. (Also, do people even check the snail mail any more?) But the star of The Post pulled through, sending them a typewritten letter with the awesome "HANX" header, so you know it's legit. To this couple, reading the letter was just as huge as reading The Pentagon Papers (and slightly shorter):

"Dear Kristen and Joseph,

Here is a picture taken of me while I ponder whether there is some way I can make it to your wedding.

Dang it, but I am in rehearsals for a play here in Los Angeles starting in May. Rats. Gotta send regrets.

BUT, if you are in Santa Monica or Los Angeles in June, I will invite you to come see the production (from Shakespeare) of the Falstaff stories. Let me know if you can be my guests.

And, congratulations you kooky kids,

Throw deep,

Tom Hanks"

Tom Hanks photo Credit: Kirsten Jerkins and Joe Dobrin

Sadly, Tom Hanks says he cannot make it, because he's busy starring in the play The Falstaff Stories. But he generously offers the couple tickets to see the production as his guests, if they can make it to Los Angeles. Kristen and Joe say they have altered their plans, so that after their honeymoon in Tahiti, they can take a trip to LA and (hopefully) meet their idol. In the meantime, they have a nice memento: Tom took a Polaroid photo of himself holding their invitation, so they know it's really him. (Wow, Polaroids and a typewriter? Tom loves outdated technology. I bet he has a VCR too).

Well, it's too bad Tom can't make it, but that's an amazing response. Congratulations, Hanks - now everyone is going to invite you to their wedding and expect a personal response plus free play tickets. Hope you like mail.