Everyone is freaking out over Chris Pine's hilariously bizarre lookalike

Everyone is freaking out over Chris Pine's hilariously bizarre lookalike

It's commonly accepted that someone, somewhere will look exactly like you. Whether it's the girl who looks so much like Lady Gaga that I'm still convinced it's Lady Gaga or the girl who looks like Kim Kardashian and gets paid a fortune to do sponsored posts on Instagram - you will have a doppelganger somewhere in the world.

Obviously, for people like me, our doppelgänger is most likely another Average Joe and we are unlikely to ever run into them. But, for those people who do look like a famous person, having a noticeable doppelgänger can be a profitable business.

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However, one man who is sick of being compared to other people is Chris Pine. The actor, who has starred in films such as Star Trek, appeared on Saturday Night Live for the first time in 2017 and took a dig at all those people who compare to various different actors.

In the show - which Pine hosted - his opening monologue was mainly done through the medium of song. While this was undoubtedly impressive, the best part was Pine asking fans to stop confusing him with other actors who are called Chris, which, of course, there are many.

After announcing that he was promoting his new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (which, of course, stars Chris Pratt), Pine enlisted the help of Leslie Jones to complete the monologue. When he asked Jones to tell the audience who he was, she replied: "You're Captain America, Chris Evans," leading to Pine breaking out into a special song.

Pine proceeded to tell the audience that he wasn't Chris Evans, Pratt, or Hemsworth, saying: "I'm not that Chris. I look just like him, but I'm not that Chris." Also, when trying to explain that his character in Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, has the same first name as Captain America (Chris Evans), Pine's handy assistant then says that he thought he was Ryan Reynolds.

However, while Pine may find the comparison to other Chris actors funny, his latest lookalike is a bit less flattering. Being compared to Pratt, Hemsworth and Evans is fairly complimentary. But, now, Chris Pine is being compared to a puppet.

Yes, a puppet. But not just any Puppet - people think that Chris Pine looks exactly like Gary from Team America.

Pine's character in "A Wrinkle In Time" is reminding people of Gary Johnston, with his hairdo, in particular, looking exactly like the one on the puppet.

It's not the first time that Pine has been compared with Gary before, but it seems like plenty of people are now picking up on the comparison. Here are just a few of the people who have mentioned the uncanny resemblance on Twitter.

So there you have it, Chris Pine looks exactly like a doll from an explicit, if not hilarious movie. I guess some people aren't so lucky with their doppelgangers.